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  • Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

    Disaster Recovery as a Service, or DRaaS, is essentially insurance against an IT catastrophe. It positions your organization to recover in a timely and predictable fashion when a disruption occurs by keeping a team of experts at your disposal. Advantages of DRaaS 1. Quick Recovery The downtime after suffering a disaster almost always puts an […]

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  • Disasters don’t have to be deadly.

    Your business needn’t be sitting on a fault line or at the bottom of a flood zone to be vulnerable to data loss. Any number of calamities can do damage to your data—from huge, howling tornadoes to tiny, silent trojan horses. Even a perfectly healthy hard drive can just up and quit, if the mood […]

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  • Data Recovery: Bring on the Boring

    Why do so many businesses have inadequate data backups? It’s actually pretty easy to understand. Backing up is boring. In fact, the whole point of backing up is to maintain a nice, boring shield around your data so nothing exciting ever happens to it, such as annihilation. Many companies get a rickety backup system in […]

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  • IT Disaster Recovery Plans: Be Prepared for Anything

    It’s early Saturday morning, before dawn, and your cell phone rings. Bleary-eyed, you answer: it’s one of your weekend workers. They came in early to get some reporting done, but the network is down. They’re getting a serious error message, and it looks like about half your servers are down. In a panic, you run […]

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