Case Study: Backup and Disaster Recovery

Case Study

Backup & Disaster Recovery

The situation

Got You Floored—a wholesaler of carpet and tile—had been doing brisk business for years when they brought in a new CFO, Denise Koontz. She assessed operations and recognized a vulnerability: Got You Floored needed a complete backup and disaster recovery plan. She called Dynamic Quest. A team from the company designed and implemented a plan.

Within months of the solution being in place, a fire broke out in the company’s central office. It consumed the building. The next day, as Denise wandered through the charred offices, she could only hope that the recovery plan would work.

Saving the data is a good start. But it’s not enough to save the company.

Hear the story as told by Denise Koontz, the CFO whose timely call to Dynamic Quest completely changed the outcome of the disaster.

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The challenge

Got You Floored needed to recover data that they could not operate without. They also needed to revive operations quickly or their cash flow would dwindle, and customer satisfaction would take a dive.

The solution

Two dedicated team members Dynamic Quest arrived that first morning.

The vast majority of the company’s data was safe in Dynamic Quest’s SOC II, Type 2 data center. The company couldn’t operate without it. But it also couldn’t operate without a place to operate. They needed space.

Not just data recovery—business continuity. Our plan involved much more than restoring data. We quickly made good on our pledge to help keep the company running. Within a day or two, key personnel of Got You Floored were set up and running in a large space with everything they needed to conduct business.

They had connectivity, copiers—and even coffee. The team was humming every day while the CFO began dealing with insurance and everything else.

To see the full video of the testimonial, click here.

The results

Got You Floored didn’t miss a beat.

  • Data was rescued and restored
  • Operations were quickly revived
  • Customers were completely unaffected
  • Cash flow went on uninterrupted
  • New revenue stream

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