Infrastructure as a Service

as a Service

What is Infrastructure as a Service?

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is a model that can provide hardware, storage, servers and data center space or network components, and occasionally software. Under this model, organizations can avoid the expense of buying and managing their own physical servers and other complex data center infrastructure components. Infrastructure resources can be offered as a separate service component, which enables you to pay for resources as you need.

When Should a Business Consider IaaS?

Increasing Infrastructure. Businesses that are looking to purchase infrastructure or hardware should consider IaaS. Need a wireless network? IaaS. Need storage and servers? IaaS. Need switches and firewalls? IaaS. This solution will scale with the company, small to enterprise.

Backup & Disaster Recovery. Infrastructure as a Service can help organizations simplify planning and management of their backup and disaster recovery systems.

Reliable Testing Environment. Developers can quickly set up and dismantle test environments quickly. This model allows new applications to be brought to market faster. IaaS also allows developers to scale their testing environments up and down based on the business’ needs.

Benefits of IaaS

Increased Innovation

Organizations that are looking to launch new products can access the necessary computing infrastructure in hours compared to days or months.

Scales with Your Business

Infrastructure as a Service enables businesses to quickly scale up their resources during spikes of demand, then scale resources back down when decreases can save money.

Increase in Business Continuity

Having a strong business continuity plan in place requires a costly investment in technology and staff to maintain it. IaaS can help reduce the cost and access to applications that assist during a disaster or system outage.

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