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Cloud Solutions

Why moving to the cloud is smart— and moving to Azure even smarter.

All those companies moving to the cloud have good reason to do so.

They get access to computing services—servers, storage, software—over the internet. This presents many advantages compared to on-premise servers.

Azure is a cloud computing platform that maximizes the benefits.

These include lower costs, better security and reliability, and more flexibility. With cloud computing, downtime drops to nearly non-existent. You can scale up or down—fast. You’re never paying for unused resources.

Azure allows you to build, deploy and manage applications on a global scale.

You use the tools and framework you want. The work is vastly more efficient and cost-effective. Azure’s capabilities are continually expanding.

Security you need at the price you can afford.

Azure has a proactive approach to security and compliance. With multi-layered, built-in security controls and unique threat intelligence, Azure helps identify damaging threats before they impact your operations.

Main Advantages

Better technology, better security, lower cost. That’s the short version. Beyond that, Azure offers a vast range of products, ensuring you get precisely what you need to succeed.

Lower cost

Pay for just the services you need, without the expense of hardware and staff to maintain it. Avoid disruptive capital expenditures and pay for capabilities at predictable costs as you need them.

Better security

No other platform offers such comprehensive, multi-layered security and compliance. Azure detects new threats and responds instantly, on a global scale. You access built-in controls to configure compliance to your needs. Azure has more certifications than any other provider.

Hybrid environment

You can choose to migrate entirely to Azure—or to keep some of your tools or frameworks on a private platform. Access everything through a comprehensive view across both environments. Azure’s hybrid capabilities are broader than any other service.

Hybrid Advantages

Hybrid Cloud with Dynamic Quest gives you the best of everything.

Azure’s hybrid solution allows you to forget about “where” and concentrate on “how.” Data and services are available when you need them, which is all you should have to care about.

You don’t need to move all your server infrastructure.

Instead, you take advantage of our SOC 2 Type 2 certified data center for servers that require a private set of hardware/colocation or system specific tuning. While most of your core servers can be integrated seamlessly into the Microsoft Azure Cloud environment, we can design a hybrid solution that works best for you.

Lower your costs—and stabilize them.

Hybrid Cloud with Dynamic Quest removes the capital expenditures associated with maintaining your own environment. Instead, you get a predictable operating cost that fits your needs and budget.

A plethora of

Azure delivers every cloud capability through its ever-expanding product offerings. No matter your need, there is a cutting-edge Azure package that meets it. Our strategic advice can help you select from among all the options, the one that will accomplish your goals.

Virtual Machines

Azure offers VMs of every class and capability. Access up to 128 vCPUs and 6 TB of memory. Make use of Ethernet up to 30 Gbps, or InfiniBand as fast as 100 Gbps. Your VM can run Microsoft, Oracle, IBM and SAP applications—or your own custom-built ones. In addition, you can find what you need among the thousands of pre-built applications already available in the Azure Marketplace.

Azure SQL Database

Azure is your best option for SQL database service, delivering as much as 212% return on investment. It’s intelligent and scalable, and offers the broadest SQL Server engine compatibility. Migration is frictionless. You get the capabilities you need and are assured of the latest functionality with no patching or upgrading from you.

Windows Virtual Desktop

With Azure, your users get the only multi-session Windows 10 virtualized desktop available in the cloud. It’s highly scalable and always up to date, on all devices. Security and compliance features are built in. You can deploy your desktops and apps in minutes. Azure delivers simplified management, optimizations for Office 365 ProPlus and Remote Desktop Services (RDS) environments.

Azure Stack

Build and run hybrid applications across cloud boundaries with Azure Stack. Consistent on-premise services enable you to meet any technical or regulatory requirements. We can advise your team on selecting from more than 100 cloud services.

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