Managed Cloud Services

Cloud Services

A virtual solution with real world service.

Managed Cloud Services saves you time and expenses.

The costs and headaches of maintaining your own environment can severely limit your capability for future growth. You get the capacity and functionality you need–when you need it.

Never pay for more capability than you need.

Dynamically scale your cloud environment quickly and seamlessly. Virtualization enables dynamic resource allocation, maximizing the efficiency of hardware and energy usage.

The cloud offers unlimited opportunity and flexibility.

At home, on a plane, or on location — your employees will have the power to do more and collaborate better. With remote access to file servers and applications, employees can access, upload, and download files using any internet-connected device.

Cloud Services minimizes the cost and hassle of your migration.

Whether it’s server configuration, migrating data and applications, or upgrading platforms, there are always risks for potential complications. Let us minimize the cost of downtime, potential data loss and drain on your resources.

Learn More About Cloud Hosting Benefits

Cloud computing offers a variety of benefits for your business. Find out how you can use cloud computing technology to boost your business productivity.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Description of Services

  • Complete cloud migration support
  • Private servers in our SOC 2 Type 2 data center
  • Scalable cloud environments
  • Dedicated account support
  • 24x7x365 Remote Monitoring
  • Responsive load balancing
  • Tier 3 data center support
  • 24x7x365 Service Desk Support
  • Best-in-class server hardware
  • Server and resource virtualization
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Complete file and image level backups

Cloud Partnership Hosting

We partner with software vendors, resellers, and growing companies that need cloud-based solutions for their customers’ applications.

Read more about Cloud Partnership Hosting

See how Godlan Inc. — a software reseller—eliminated its customers’ growing dissatisfaction with Godlan’s cloud provider, while at the same time creating a new revenue stream for itself, with Dynamic Quest’s Cloud Hosting Partnership.

Public Cloud Hosting Support

Many businesses that are adopting Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services look to managed cloud service providers, like us, to assist. Our team of experts can help you decide which cloud solution is right for your business and assist with the migration. We also provide ongoing support and service, as well as our 24x7x365 Service Desk to ensure availability, performance, reliability and uptime of your cloud environment.

On-site Data Center

It’s much more than just a co-location facility. Our data center provides infinite space, complete scalability and security for your data and users. When your business leverages the cloud through our Managed Cloud Services, your ability to adapt and harness new technology is limitless.

The Azure platform maximizes the
benefits of cloud computing:

better technology; world-class security and compliance; lower cost. A vast range of product offerings means you get just the services you need,
and can scale up or down as needed. Hybrid solutions allows you to keep some of your tools or frameworks on a private platform, with a
comprehensive view across both environments.

Increase productivity with Office 365

Our team has experience installing and configuring Office 365 for companies large and small—and can do it for you with minimal interruption to your workflow.

Managed Cloud Services Overview

What is a public cloud?

A public cloud refers to a computing service offered by a third-party vendor, such as Microsoft Azure, that can be accessed over the internet. This type of service is typically sold on-demand, which allows customers to only pay per usage for the storage and bandwidth they will use.

Organizations that take advantage of the public cloud save money by not having to purchase and maintain on-premise IT infrastructure. They also shift responsibility for management and maintenance to their managed cloud service provider, allowing their internal staff to focus on strategic initiatives.

The public cloud can be deployed quicker than setting up and configuring on-premise devices, and with this ease of access comes the ability to scale according to business demands as they fluctuate.

What is a private cloud?

A private cloud refers to computing services offered over an organization’s internal network or over the Internet. Organizations that take advantage of private cloud computing can ensure they have a higher level of security and privacy due to firewalls and internal hosting in our onsite SOC 2 Type 2 data center. Organizations can also benefit from self-service, customization and scalability within a public cloud.

Private clouds will require an internal staff to monitor and maintain the environment, so the organization will still have to carry the expense a traditional data center will carry.

What is a hybrid cloud?

Private clouds can be combined with public clouds to create a hybrid cloud environment that meets the needs of your business. At Dynamic Quest, we can provide the best of both worlds. Clients that are not able to move all their technology server infrastructure to the public cloud can utilize our SOC 2 Type 2 data center for servers that require a private set of hardware. While most servers can be seamlessly migrated into the Microsoft Azure public cloud environment, we can provide solutions that fit your needs.

Server Migration.

Dynamic Quest’s team of IT professionals can meet with your organization to build a comprehensive migration plan. Upgrading from one platform to another and migrating data comes with inherent risks. Let us minimize the cost of downtime and potential data loss that could drain your IT resources. Talk to us today to build your custom server migration plan.

“We believe our success is due to the strength, the breadth of our services, our flexibility in responding to clients, and our focus on strategic support.”


40% of businesses will incorporate the anywhere operations model to accommodate the physical and digital experiences of both customers and employees.


We did a proof of concept that met every requirement that our customer might have. In fact, we saw a substantial improvement.


We did everything that we needed to do, financially speaking. We got our invoices out to customers, we deposited checks, all the things we needed to do to keep our business running, and our customers had no idea about the tragedy. It didn’t impact them at all.


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