Case Study: Managed IT Services

Case Study

Managed IT Services

The situation

Glitches increasing. Productivity decreasing.

Our client, an executive consulting agency, was experiencing everyday network issues that affected workflow. While a system-wide outage was rare, daily micro-events, such as slow application response time, went unnoticed because they were so common.

The challenge

A bad network contributes to a bad attitude.

One dragging application didn’t seem like much. Maybe it takes 30 seconds to load instead of 5. That’s just 25 seconds, but many people in the organization were opening that app—many times per week.

Slow-loading apps led to flagging performance. Workers were getting frustrated with sluggish network responsiveness. Their forward momentum was squandered.

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The solution

From break-fix to continual, proactive management.

With a team of Dynamic Quest experts continually monitoring the network, the company was not just waiting around for a problem to just happen. It was anticipating and addressing issues before they had a chance to develop.

The results

Steady network performance enhances financial performance.

Dynamic Quest’s managed IT services were able to keep the firm’s network at peak performance and saved them thousands in productivity dollars. Even if everything seems to be running smoothly, your account team will be anticipating future needs, assessing cost-effective improvements, and more. Dynamic Quest will fine-tune your network, providing stability and reliability your company needs to sustain future growth.

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