Dynamic Quest Extends Support Agreement With Guilford County

Dynamic Quest is honored to earn the business of our long-term client, Guilford County. Our partnership has extended for the past ten years, and we are thrilled to continue protecting their IT environment.

More than ever, governments are being targeted by hackers. In fact, a recent study found that ransomware attacks in both state and local governments have increased by 69% in 2023.

With cyber threats on the rise, this requires government bodies to have a proactive IT team monitoring, alerting and responding to any threat that attempts to touch one of their endpoints.

As a security-focused managed service provider, Dynamic Quest is constantly seeking best-in-class security solutions to provide up-to-date support for clients with valuable assets. This includes providing security services such as: advanced malware detection and prevention, SIEM/SOC, penetration testing and vulnerability assessments, governance risk compliance (GRC), security awareness training, and several other security tools.

Working together, Dynamic Quest is able to provide 24/7/365 support to all of Guilford County’s end users. This includes monitoring and oversight of all 250 servers and 540 network devices as well.

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Learn more about our partnership here: “County IT Getting Some Outside Tech Support For $100K A Year”.

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