Introducing Our New Client Experience Model

client experience model

We are excited to introduce you to the new Dynamic Quest, Client Experience Model. Based on client feedback, we have invested in and restructured our team to improve how we support, communicate, and advise you and your business.  

Client Success Manager 

Your Client Success Manager (CSM) is the cornerstone of our client experience model, and your dedicated, primary point of contact outside of our 24x7x365 Service Desk team. Your CSM is responsible for your absolute satisfaction. Whether you need advice on a new solution or technology, or want to discuss an outstanding ticket, your CSM will address your needs promptly and rally the extended DQ team to ensure your needs are addressed promptly and effectively.  

You should feel free to reach out to your CSM anytime. In addition to being your primary point of contact, your CSM will schedule Quarterly Business Reviews where they will provide you a personalized performance report, highlighting what’s working well, risks, vulnerabilities, and advice on how to optimize your environment.  Also, your CSM will schedule more frequent touchpoints to make sure you are pleased with your day-to-day experiences, and assist any tickets, projects, or other outstanding items. 

Solutions Architect 

Your Solutions Architect (SA) is also dedicated to your account for the life of the relationship. Solution Architects are technology and security experts, think of them as your virtual CIO, and will be familiar with the performance of your environment. They will work closely with your CSM to ensure your environment is optimized and meeting your current and future needs.  

Account Operations Manager 

Finally, you also have a dedicated Account Operations Manager (AOM), who is responsible for supporting your CSM and ensuring new orders, projects, tickets, and billing updates are moving efficiently through their respective processes. Behind the scenes they will be monitoring your ticket activity, and as an example they will flag ones that need attention.  

Each member of your Client Success Team, in addition to our extended support team comprised of over 100 engineers, plays a unique role in fulfilling our promise to, prioritizing your peace of mind through dependable service and dedication to your complete satisfaction. If you have any questions about your client experience team, please email or reach out directly to your Client Success Manager.  

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