Managed IT Services

Reduce downtime, contain costs and enhance performance.

Our Managed IT service reduces the risk of costly downtime. The minute your network goes down, the cost of the problem starts going up. Our team’s monitoring and maintenance is designed to protect you from these expensive interruptions.

We boost the productivity and performance if your IT. Our continuous oversight helps keep big problems from erupting unexpectedly. Your business is shielded from the productivity loss associated with stop-and-start support that is only there when something goes wrong.

We do this through automating routine IT tasks, proactive preventative maintenance, remote monitoring and 24x7x365 help desk support, all at a fixed monthly price. We asses your servers, your IT infrastructure and even your users in relation to your business goals.

We put all our findings into a Strategic Technology Plan that helps your team and ours keep your network performing at its best. We meet with you regularly to identify where your IT investment will have the most impact on reaching your business goals.

Ready for the greater efficiency and cost control that only a Managed IT program can deliver?

Top notch IT support that fits any budget

We create a customized plan specifically for your business.

With our managed IT service, small businesses get a low, fixed cost that fits their budget. You’re freed from worrying about the erratic costs of stop-and-start break/fix IT service. You get cost-effective access to enterprise-level support.

Proactive monitoring ensures stability

We are monitoring your entire IT network at all times, 24x7x365.

We fine-tune your server performance, identify failing hard drives, check for low disk space and manage upgrades and patches efficiently. We help formulate best practices, and we monitor regulatory compliance.

How we serve different businesses with different needs.

keyboard_arrow_right Small businesses with routine IT needs.

Our Managed IT service puts in place all of the core preventative maintenance and virus protection required to maintain you network. If an issue occurs, we will notify you. You have the option to route the issue to our team or to just fix the problem yourself. This arrangement works well for organizations with one person overseeing IT, especially if that person is wearing two or more hats. You can control costs by handling issues you’ve got the time and skill to fix, while routing the more complex issues to our 24x7x365 Help Desk.

keyboard_arrow_right Enterprise organizations with an IT staff.

In this scenario, our systems and processes provide preventative protection and virus management while informing your IT staff on the health of your system so they can make informed decisions. Managed IT also takes a load off your internal staff when it comes to patching, updating, monitoring, and protecting your environment. Your team can focus on supporting your business while our team focuses on the routine maintenance that keeps your system humming along.

keyboard_arrow_right Small- to medium-sized businesses with insufficient in-house IT

Companies with a small, over-taxed IT staff—or none at all—find Managed IT to be their most cost-effective solution. This plan is simple to manage and easy to budget for. Many of our clients have tried using one-off contractors, or a single staff member that had too many things to do. Some have tried using other outsourced IT teams. Proper management of an IT environment requires a large and varied skill set to keep things running and move the business forward. Even the most talented techie would be hard-pressed to master the vast body of knowledge required to stay up to speed on every aspect of IT management. The companies who try this “jack of all trades” model discover that what seems cheaper at first generally becomes expensive—especially when business opportunities are lost due to IT problems. At Dynamic Quest, we have over 120 employees, most of them tech people to the core. We have staff members certified in almost every technology—including a number of atypical solutions from far out in left field. With our diverse team of experts, we are able to remedy any problem and help you take advantage of every opportunity. You get full access to the entire team—from installers to business consultants—to help you move your business forward.

Description of MSP services

Automate Routine IT Tasks
Let your team focus on supporting your business
while we take care of the routine maintenance that
keeps your system humming.

  • Employee onboarding
  • Patch updates and ongoing maintenance
  • Email hosting


24x7x365 Remote Monitoring
Rest easy, knowing that we are always keeping a
close eye on your network.

  • Network monitoring
  • Workstation monitoring
  • Server monitoring
  • Application monitoring
  • Data monitoring

Proactive preventative maintenance
We don’t wait around for problems to develop.

  • Monitor your network, server performance and
    workstations 24/7/365
  • Flag failing hard drives
  • Identify drives with low disk space
  • Identify potential problems and address them
    before they cause costly downtime
  • Remotely apply patches and software updates


Help Desk Services
You can control costs by handling issues you’ve
got the time and skill to fix, while routing the more
complex issues to our 24x7x365 Help Desk.

  • Network connectivity issues
  • Access denial
  • Workstation issues
  • Password resets
  • End user security
  • Application support

There’s no risk—so what are you waiting for?

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