Our Story

Our Story

Our founders asked this simple question.

What would help Dynamic Quest grow? Just doing IT support was not enough to take Dynamic Quest to the next level and really grow our business. We knew we needed to address the true needs of our clients. Our focus became: what do clients want from IT? Years of experience has proven that our clients focus on a few core business needs:

  • Stability and reliability
  • Cost savings / cost control
  • Growth enablement
  • Process improvement

Reliable IT leads to reliable growth.

Dynamic Quest has built a very successful business by keeping this simple fact in mind at all times: our business exists solely to help our clients achieve their core business objectives. We have taken this set of fundamental business needs and embedded it into our company culture to ensure that all of our team members understand and focus on the needs of our clients as a primary objective.

The idea caught on.

Javier Gomez and his two partners opened Dynamic Quest for business on January 1, 2000. They kept their founding principle in mind from day one. Sure enough, businesses noticed the difference and word got around. Dynamic Quest grew at a fast pace.

As the market changed, so did we.

Fundamental principles stay the same but IT changes every 5 minutes. Fortunately, we love that. It’s no accident our first name is “Dynamic.” As we grew, our team mastered new technologies and put them to work for our customers. We’re always looking to hire people who know a lot but can’t wait to learn more.

Constant change puts a premium on stability.

Over the course of our first 2 decades, our customers adapted to a state of continual, tech-driven transformation. As they learned to move fast, they relied more and more on their technology. They couldn’t afford downtime or poor performance. Dynamic Quest answered their need for stability in a fast-changing environment.

Our reliability fostered loyalty.

We still serve many of the companies who called us in our first year. Our retention rate is remarkable. We have grown a large, stable client base that shares a common goal of maintaining a stable and reliable IT environment for their organization.

Investment spurred expansion

By the mid-2010s, Dynamic Quest had opened offices in 3 states in the US, and another in the Philippines. With demand for our business-focused services on the rise, we sought a financial partner to fuel expansion. We looked not just for funding, but for a company that shared our ideas about Dynamic Quest’s value to its customers. We found that partner in Spire Capital.

It’s only going to get more interesting.

We’ve never been tempted to be complacent. We take none of our customers for granted. With the same drive we had on January 1, 2000, we’re actively expanding our service area to an ever-larger footprint.

We’re excited about the future. With all the change ahead, companies’ desire for reliability will only grow. We expect to do the same.

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