IT Governance and Compliance (GRC)

IT Governance &
Compliance (GRC)

Compliance at Your Fingertips

Gone are the days where you can set up IT security programs and move on to other work. Instead, it is critical to constantly audit and comply with everchanging security practices to best protect your business from a potential incident.

Should a breach occur, auditors from your cyber insurance company will be calling you to produce evidence that you were in compliance with all terms of your cyber risk insurance policy at the time of the incident. If you were not able to produce compliance documentation, your business could be subject to fines from regulators and lawsuits from customers.

That is where Dynamic Quest’s Governance and Compliance Manager comes into play. Our solution helps manage compliance with the IT requirements of any cyber risk insurance policy, with built-in templates for the largest underwriters. Plus, if you need to create your own IT policy, you can clone existing templates or start from scratch.

Benefits of IT Governance & Compliance

Reduce Risk
If you can’t verify that you were compliant with your IT security policies at the time of a breach, you risk fines and your eligibility to collect cyber insurance payouts.

Enhance Security
Your business is at risk 24/7, so you always should be in compliance with your security frameworks and be able to provide immediate proof of your activities.

Contain Costs
Our governance and compliance solution is offered at a consistent monthly rate, so your team can budget for this necessary service.

Compliance Documents in Seconds
Should a breach occur, your team can access compliance documents within seconds.

Organization’s With Compliance Manager GRC

  • Top insurance company compliance templates built in
  • Plug and play
  • Easy to automate key functions
  • Delivers reporting required for CLI claim payouts

Vs. Organization’s Without Compliance Manager GRC

  • Invest hundreds of hours manually reviewing insurance compliance requirements
  • Build your own framework
  • Manually conduct reporting
  • Lack of essential reporting

Compliance Manager Can Help You

  • Measure compliance against regulations and accepted standards
  • Identify hidden risks and compliance violations in the office, with remote workers and in the cloud
  • Manage and document compliance with any set of IT security requirements or controls
  • Shield your organization against business interruptions, compliance violation fines, lawsuits and monetary loss
  • Keep pace with organizational changes and expansion
  • Create accurate compliance documentation

“We believe our success is due to the strength, the breadth of our services, our flexibility in responding to clients, and our focus on strategic support.”


40% of businesses will incorporate the anywhere operations model to accommodate the physical and digital experiences of both customers and employees.


We did a proof of concept that met every requirement that our customer might have. In fact, we saw a substantial improvement.


We did everything that we needed to do, financially speaking. We got our invoices out to customers, we deposited checks, all the things we needed to do to keep our business running, and our customers had no idea about the tragedy. It didn’t impact them at all.


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