Introducing Quickpass – The Ultimate End-User Identity Verification Solution

Dynamic Quest provides robust security measures for our clients. Our new Quickpass solution prioritizes end-user identity verification, ensuring all password reset actions are authenticated and secure. Quickpass seamlessly integrates with your existing Change Request processes, providing an added layer of security without disruption.

Advanced Security:

Quickpass uses multi-factor and biometric authentication to confirm user identities, safeguarding against unauthorized access.

Easy Identity Verification:

Users can verify their identities through a secure, intuitive mobile app, significantly reducing the risk of fraud and identity theft.

Convenient and Efficient:

By verifying user identities before making changes, Quickpass ensures that only authorized personnel can reset passwords or access sensitive information.

Seamless Integration:

Quickpass complements your existing Change Request processes, enhancing security without replacing current workflows.

Risk Reduction:

Biometric authentication through the Quickpass app eliminates the risk of SMS hijacking, making it the preferred method for identity verification.

  1. Receive a Dynamic Quest Quickpass Welcome Email: Users receive an email to initiate the Quickpass setup.
  2. Verify Your Mobile Phone Number: Register your phone number to establish a secure line of communication.
  3. Download the Quickpass App on Your Apple or Android Device
  4. Allow the App To Verify Your Identity

As an added benefit, users can update passwords through Quickpass, syncing changes across Office 365, Active Directory, Azure Active Directory, and more.

Quickpass integrates effortlessly with your existing security processes, providing enhanced identity verification without disrupting your current workflows. Dynamic Quest service desk staff will prompt users to verify their identity before making any changes, ensuring a smooth and secure experience.

With Quickpass, you can empower your users with advanced identity verification and experience enhanced security. Contact your Client Success Manager or our Service Desk today to learn more about this innovative solution.

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