Penetration & Vulnerability Scans

Penetration &
Vulnerability Scans

Proactive Scanning Prevents Threats

Gone are the days where you can set up IT security programs and move on to other work. Instead, it is critical to constantly audit and comply with everchanging security practices to best protect your business from a potential incident.

Should a breach occur, auditors from your cyber insurance company will be calling you to produce evidence that you were in compliance with all terms of your cyber risk insurance policy at the time of the incident. If you were not able to produce compliance documentation, your business could be subject to fines from regulators and lawsuits from customers.

That is where Dynamic Quest’s Governance and Compliance Manager comes into play. Our solution helps manage compliance with the IT requirements of any cyber risk insurance policy, with built-in templates for the largest underwriters. Plus, if you need to create your own IT policy, you can clone existing templates or start from scratch.

Strategic Assessments

We offer two unique testing services to guide your organizations to a stronger security posture.

Monthly Internal and External Scans
Dynamic Quest will perform monthly scans of your internal and external environment to identify known vulnerabilities. This scan provides a report of what threats your environment faces and identifies solutions for the known security weakness.

Bi-Annual Penetration Scans
Penetration scans go deeper than monthly vulnerability scans. In penetration scans, we replicate attack methods of malicious hackers by exploiting security weaknesses found during these vulnerability assessments. These in-depth security scans create reports that drive results. It identifies risks that affect your organization, identifies where your organization stands as it relates to security standards as well as comparisons to past assessments performed.

Our Scans Include

Privilege Escalation & Lateral Movement

Using valid credentials, the penetration test will attempt to identify valuable areas within your organization.

Simulated Malware

With elevated access, the test will attempt to upload malicious code onto remote systems in an attempt to test the organization’s end-point anti-malware controls.

Data Exfiltration

The penetration test will identify whether critical data is leaving your organization and will log this activity to help tighten areas that require restricted data exfiltration.

Authentication Attacks

After the discovery of user account credentials, the scan will attempt to validate those credentials and determine where they are most useful.

Egress Filtering Testing

Ensures that your organization is effectively restricting any unnecessary outbound traffic.

Timely Reporting

Executive summaries delivered to your staff for monitoring and cross-reference.

Benefits of Monthly & Bi-Annual Penetration Scans

Annual penetration scans can be expensive, but Dynamic Quest’s comprehensive security scans provide monthly scans and two penetration scans a year at a fraction of the cost of other groups offering security scans and penetration testing. This comprehensive service allows you to see vulnerabilities of your network at a higher frequency.

Results Available at Your Fingers

Dynamic Quest provides access to a portal that delivers progress updates, scan results and expected completion dates. Transparency about our process and expectations helps our clients know what is going on and when they can expect results.

Work with Dynamic Quest

Our security team is focused on helping organizations simplify the process of identifying new threats within their environment on an on-going basis. You will work with a team of responsive professionals that provide real-time reports, preliminary findings, notifications and more.

“We believe our success is due to the strength, the breadth of our services, our flexibility in responding to clients, and our focus on strategic support.”


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