Case Study: Managed Service Desk Support

Case Study

Managed Service
Desk Support

The situation

In-house IT staff was swamped with low-level work.

A large healthcare company employed 1,500 full-time IT professionals. Their schedules, though, were clogged with routine Level 1 service desk support—resetting passwords, mapping drives, etc. The work was necessary to operations—but it was also a giant black hole that swallowed all the team’s attention.

The challenge

So much potential. So little time.

The internal team could, in theory, use their expertise to help the company advance business goals. Unfortunately, they didn’t have time to put high-level skills to work. They were mired in an endless slog of responding to Level 1 service requests.

The solution

We took on Level 1 work. In-house pros turned to the big stuff.

They were freed to put their best effort into the business-critical work that yields the biggest payoff. With the Dynamic Quest team responding to Level 1 requests, the in-house team was able to turn their attention to enterprise-level IT projects that fuel the company’s growth. This challenge spurred the competitive instinct that brings out the best in motivated pros.

The internal team was energized. With the Level 1 work off its plate, the team turned its attention to the work that fueled company growth and gave them job satisfaction.

The results

Response time—and spending—dropped dramatically.

The backlog vanished. Response time went from 2 weeks to 2 hours. Spending was cut by 40%. With such clear ROI, the company asked us to take on their Level 2 service desk tasks, too.

Learn how Level 1 and Level 2 Managed Service Desk Support from Dynamic Quest can reduce response time and provide solid ROI for your business.

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