Our Leaders

Javier Gomez

CEO / President

After putting in a few years at tech companies in the 90s, Javier had an entrepreneurial insight: he saw a problem, and he had an idea for a solution. He had witnessed first-hand that many large companies had IT staff that were overworked just trying to keep their network environment running. They lacked the time and focus to improve, enhance, or properly secure their organizations. He also saw that many small companies were poorly served by outside IT service companies. The small- to mid-size organizations needed not only to keep their IT operations stable, but they also needed guidance on what they should be doing as an organization to stay compliant, forward thinking, and secure.

It seemed that in both large and small companies, IT services were not aligned with the business goals of the organization. IT experts were too busy putting out fires to apply their expertise to advancing the business.

Javier founded Dynamic Quest on January 1st, 2000, to solve that problem. From day one, he established a culture of excellence—with a focus on providing reliable service to businesses seeking stable growth in the context of breathtaking technological change. As Javier grew his team (from 3 to over 100 in the first decade), he challenged his colleagues to continuously evaluate and adopt new technologies and services, in order to offer businesses the best solutions to their needs and avoid the trendy dead-ends.

Javier’s success has garnered him attention from the industry, and from investors, including several appearances on national industry publication CRN’s annual lists of noteworthy firms and one of CIO Review’s Most Promising IT Services Companies in the United States.

Today the company is imbued with the same fervor it was born with. Javier is bringing new challenges to his team and enlarging his company’s service area across the Eastern Seaboard . He’s confident that it’s only going to get more interesting from here.

Willie Lash

Chief Operations Officer

Willie Lash came to Dynamic Quest in June 2012 and brought with him the perfect balance of knowledge in both business and technology. With a B.S. in Accounting from North Carolina A&T, Willie understands how to ensure an effective and productive workforce. He has spent years focused on improving operational efficiencies within organizations which has proven to be key to the current success of a highly engaged workforce at Dynamic Quest.”

Willie met Javier 26 years ago by coincidence. Javier, an engineer at the time, installed the first firewall at Willie’s workplace, providing their first connection to the internet. Willie likes to joke that Javier worked for him long before he joined Dynamic Quest as an employee.

With over 30 years in the tech industry, Willie has worked in roles from sales to service. This makes him uniquely qualified for the position of COO. He ensures high quality service to clients, company profitability, and effectiveness of Dynamic Quest’s workforce. Willie’s background and experience bring the ideal balance to our leadership trio.

Dennis Roberts

Dennis Roberts

Chief Financial Officer

Dennis Roberts joined Dynamic Quest late in 2018 and is responsible for supporting the growth of the company in finance, accounting, human resources and procurement.

Before joining Dynamic Quest, Dennis held various finance and accounting roles for the past 10 years at a number of private equity owned, high growth, software technology companies.

Dennis brings a blend of hands-on experience coupled with a strategic vision that makes him uniquely qualified to reorganize, streamline and strengthen financial operations to maximize performance and profitability in a high grown environment.

Dennis is a graduate of the University of Illinois with a B.S. in Accountancy and an MBA in finance. He holds an active CPA certificate. He is the father of four grown children and he and his wife love to explore new places and cultures with their furry friends.

Dave Hampson

VP of Technology Solutions

David Hampson joined the Dynamic Quest team in 2018 with the acquisition of his company, Enroute Networks, Inc. David was the founder and CEO of Enroute Networks, an Atlanta-based SMB Managed Services Provider (MSP) and Data/Voice integration company. David lead the successful MSP from it’s inception in 2001 until the acquisition by Dynamic Quest in 2018.

David started Enroute and built the successful business through hard work, extensive industry relationships, and successful business management. David provided IT support and advisory (vCIO) services to businesses ranging from small/growing companies to larger 500+ employee firms in the areas of server/data-center, cloud and help desk support as well as network infrastructure and IP/PBX systems (hosted and on-premise).

With over 25 years of SMB IT experience, David Hampson has a unique blend of operational and management experience coupled with extensive technical knowledge of business information technology needs. David’s well rounded knowledge of business IT products and services includes network infrastructure equipment including routers, switches, firewalls, wireless solutions, LAN and WAN systems, Windows and Unix based servers, virtualization deployments, cloud systems, and IP telephony (VoIP) system.

David strong skills in technical solutions enable him to help lead our business direction as it relates to technology solutions for our growing client base at Dynamic Quest.