Dynamic Quest Partner Program

Dynamic Quest
Partner Program

Become a Dynamic Quest Partner

Dynamic Quest’s partner network is structured to provide a wide variety of partners access to our expertise working with unique IT environments. Our program works to provide the support and flexibility you need to open a new revenue stream and to better serve your current and future clients.

Exceptional Support from the Start. Dynamic Quest supports you throughout the entire onboarding and ongoing customer journey. You will find dedicated resources at your fingertips; including sales training, marketing collateral, and access to our channel partner team to help get you started.

Welcome to the Dynamic Quest Team. Here at Dynamic Quest, our partners are considered our coworkers. We all wear the same jersey and root for the same team. With increasing revenue and business support at the heart of what we do, our partners will have access to our inside and outside sales resources, technical engineers, and operational resources.

Learn More About Our Strategic Partner Program

Dynamic Quest’s Strategic Partner Program enables companies to gain access to elite technology solutions.

Partners will gain access to a rich set of tools that will support your sales and marketing efforts; as well as tools that can help you extend your market reach and brand.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Our Promise: Satisfy a Client’s Need + Provide Profitability for Partners

Commission Structures that Make Sense.
Our partners will have access to our Lead Guidelines; this document provides a clear outline of what is considered an eligible lead and what commission can be collected on the new logo introduced to Dynamic Quest.

Dynamic Quest Invests in You.
Dynamic Quest will invest time and effort to help your team build a go-to-market strategy that is both effective and dialed in to the appropriate target audience. We work alongside your internal staff to ensure all representatives are supported and prepared.

Partner Programs

Managed IT Services Reseller Program

Businesses that are looking to expand their current product portfolio can take advantage of our Managed IT Services Reseller Program. Organizations can choose the product that will best integrate with their current offerings and we can develop a custom go-to-market strategy.

Referral Program

Companies that are looking for little (a nice return for a small amount of effort) commitment can take advantage of our Referral Program. Any leads generated for Dynamic Quest will be honored and your company will reap the commission.

Dynamic Quest Referral Program

Dynamic Quest’s Referral Program is designed to provide our partners a simple and profitable way to refer IT solutions to potential customers. Consultants, software developers, and affiliates can all earn commissions by leveraging Dynamic Quest’s impressive stack of IT solutions.

Our Referral Partners will sign a simple no commitment agreement, that unlocks the ability to earn commissions on all viable leads.

Grow with Dynamic Quest
Our Referral Program was built to be easy and transparent. While most programs require lengthy contracts and lead minimums, Dynamic Quest wants to make it as easy as possible for you to unlock new revenue streams. You will be rewarded for all qualified leads you generate.

Program Benefits

  • Quick payment to our referral partners
  • 24x7x365 to you and the customers you generate
  • Access to Dynamic Quest’s large solution portfolio

Program Requirements

  • Sign our agreement
  • Complete Dynamic Quest’s on-boarding process
  • Enroll in DQ Training Center (WORK)
  • Agree to our Lead Guidelines

Dynamic Quest Managed IT Reseller Partner

Dynamic Quest Managed IT Reseller Partners can earn more revenue by incorporating managed IT services to their portfolio of services. Whether you are a digital agency, web developer, MSP or app developer, partnering with us will uncover new opportunities to expand and deliver more to the clients you serve.

Our wide range of products will help you position yourself as a strategic and trusted advisor to your customers. Expanding your services and knowledge will surely lead to more repeatable business for you.

Access to the Resources You Need to Succeed.
Once you have signed on as an official Reseller Partner, you will gain access to all the materials in our partner portal that will assist you as you build, scope and implement your go-to market strategy. Our channel manager will walk with you as you take advantage of the marketing and sales collateral that’s imperative to help you grow your channel business. Our program was designed to offer competitive reseller discounts. This will allow you to have higher margins and a competitive market advantage.

Why Partner with Dynamic Quest?

Rapidly Growing Market

Revenue Potential

Dedicated Support Staff

Sales and Marketing Collateral

Extensive Product Portfolio


24x7x365 Support


Reseller Program Benefits

  • Competitive Discounts
  • Access to Channel Manager
  • Expanded Breadth of Products

Program Requirements

  • Sales and Marketing Collateral
  • Dynamic Quest Training Center

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