Managed It Services For Credit Unions

Managed IT Services for

Credit Unions

Preferred Technology Partner for Credit Unions.

Your members are counting on you. And you can depend on us. Credit Unions more than ever need a security-focused managed IT service provider to help relieve the burden of maintaining, monitoring, and securing their internal IT networks.

Cloud Management. It is becoming more and more important for Credit Unions to switch to the cloud. It doesn’t require any hardware; it’s more cost-effective; and it enables you to take your work anywhere.

Secure Your Credit Union. Credit Unions are prime targets for hackers. To stay compliant, fend off hacking attempts, and manage increasing complex digital environments, firms need a security-focused Managed IT partner on their side.

Round-the-Clock Protection. With managed IT services, you’re better positioned to prevent issues from happening. If an issue does occur, we’ll immediately be on hand to get you up-and-running.

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Strategic partner of LEVERAGE, the for-profit affiliate of the League of Southeastern Credit Unions & Affiliates (LSCU).Through this partnership, we are able to provide our credit unions with valuable IT services at affordable rates.

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Preferred Technology Partner of the Virginia Credit Union League. Our strategic partnership enables credit unions throughout the commonwealth to have access to a team of exceptional technicians that can support businesses with IT support and security services.

Preferred Technology Partner of the Carolinas Credit Union League. Our partnership enables credit unions to have access to a deep bench of exceptional technicians that can support a wide range of technology solutions at a fixed-rate.

“Dynamic Quest has been assisting Acclaim Federal Credit Union with our networking needs since 2008. They do an excellent job and have always been there to manage our network. Their solution for us has been flexible enough to meet our many and ever changing technology needs.”

Valerie Marsh, President and CEO of Acclaim Federal Credit Union

Description of MSP services

  • Employee onboarding
  • Patch updates and ongoing maintenance
  • Email hosting
  • Network management
  • Application support
  • Backup monitoring
  • Service availability management
  • VPN client management
  • Service availability monitoring
  • Network connectivity issues
  • Workstation issues
  • Password resets
  • End user security
  • Wireless Management

Critical Security Solutions

Security Awareness Training: Monthly training material for your end-users as well as email phishing tests to your end users to enhance their awareness of security attacks. Most hacks are exposed via end-users accidental exposure.

Advanced Endpoint Protection (not just standard Anti-Virus software): More advanced end point protection and antivirus solution.

SIEM / SOC Services: Watching the logs from your business Servers, Firewall, Switches, Advanced Endpoint Systems, Office365, and others and then notifying 24x7x365 any identified suspicious movement on your network.

DNS-Filtering: Preventing end users from mistakenly going to identified compromised sites on the internet.

Advanced Spam Filtering: Using industry accepted spam filters to proactively filter out potentially compromised emails.

Dark Web Scanning: Scanning the “Dark Web” to ensure corporate identities are not compromised on the Dark Web allowing for proactive changes of user profiles if needed.

VOIP Solutions

Improve efficiency and lower CapEx costs by eliminating hardware. Working with a vetted partner, organizations can work off a hosted PBX system that can easily add additional lines, perform upgrades, and run the latest software instantaneously due to the lack of physical hardware maintenance.

Strategic vCIO Ongoing Services

Get long-term strategic oversight within your budget. Have a Virtual Chief Information Officer that understands your budget, goals, and long-term growth strategy.

There’s no risk—so what are you waiting for?

Or click here to learn how our network assessment saved one company from making an extremely costly mistake and launched our long-term relationship as the company’s Managed IT Provider.

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