Custom Software Development Services

Custom Software
Development Services

Custom Application Maintenance and Application Modernization

Our custom application maintenance services provide process documentation and IT support for applications that may no longer have in-house developers or may reside on out-of-date platforms. Dynamic Quest’s developers can also assist in modernizing legacy applications including new functionality, recoding and interoperability. Prevent the unnecessary expense of building or purchasing new applications by modernizing and optimizing applications you currently rely upon to run your business.

Mobile Application Development

Forward-thinking organizations anticipate the growing need for mobile application support. Want to increase the efficiency of your sales team? We can build a mobile app that simplifies the sales process. Need support for clients outside of their office environment? Achieve better customer support and retention with a client-facing mobile app. Let us develop a mobile app with the right purpose in mind to streamline your business process for maximum efficiency and increase revenue streams.

Software Development

If your organization has been around for a while, you may have developed a number of custom scripts and applications that keep your business running. Developers come and go, and often it’s difficult to find documentation and code for custom applications that need updating. Our business analysts can document your current custom development environment, then implement a plan to support it as needed going forward. We also have the development prowess to support legacy and modern day programming languages.

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