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What is Hardware as a Service? How Can It Benefit My Organization?

What is Hardware as a Service? Hardware as a Service (HaaS) is a subscription model that provides software and hardware as a monthly service. Clients can gain access to new hardware by paying a monthly subscription fee instead of investing large amounts of capital outright. The equipment is procured and installed by a managed IT […]

How to Choose Your Savannah Managed Service Provider

As a local Savannah managed service provider, our priority is to ensure all businesses achieve a more secure, stable, and reliable IT environment. We achieve this through 24x7x365 monitoring and alerting. We work to keep your network running at all times to help reduce the cost of unexpected downtime. Selecting your local managed service provider […]

IT Solutions for Manufacturing

Manufacturers continue to adopt new technologies as their business models evolve. They may be dealing with production issues, supply chain challenges, regulatory compliance or logistic complications, all things that directly deal with their internal IT business systems. Working with a managed service provider, businesses can identify specific IT solutions for manufacturing. They will be able […]

Dynamic Quest Acquires Hargray Managed IT

The acquisition of Hargray Managed IT will expand Dynamic Quest’s presence in the Southeast region. Greensboro, NC (May 31, 2022) – Spire Capital Partners backed Dynamic Quest, a managed service provider offering IT and cloud services to enterprises and businesses, completed the acquisition of Hargray’s Managed IT Services division (“Hargray Managed IT”). Hargray Managed IT […]

As a Service Model: What It Is and Its Benefits

What is Anything as a Service (XaaS) Anything as a Service (XaaS) refers to a variety of IT functions that can be transformed into a service for enterprise consumption through a flexible subscription model instead of a steep upfront purchase of licenses or equipment. Business owners can work with a dedicated managed service provider to […]

What is Hardware-as-a-Service?

Regardless of your company’s size, upgrading your technology equipment (Servers, workstations, switches, firewalls, SAN) every three to five years can involve significant costs. Beyond the upfront computing costs, one must include expenditures for procurement, deployment, and asset management.

The IT Services Model Where Everyone Wins

If you’re a business owner, there’s probably a good chance you spent time figuring out the IT needs of your business. It’s not as easy as searching online and picking the cheapest option or the company with the best reviews. The cheap option may not provide the services you need to keep your business at […]

Cyberattacks and Cyberwarfare

With increased polarization, civil unrest, and the ongoing global pandemic, the risk of attacks on businesses and critical U.S. infrastructure has drastically increased. In addition, nation-states are devoting more resources toward exploiting Internet and business network vulnerabilities to cause economic, political, and military harm. As recent events unfold, there is a greater risk of increased […]

FAQs About Microsoft’s New Commerce Experience, Answered

Microso­ft announced they will be changing how companies purchase Microso­ft 365, Office 365, and Dynamics 365 licenses, and Dynamic Quest is well-versed in the new program to help make the transition for our clients as smooth as possible. The current CSP model will be phased out and replaced with the New Commerce Experience (NCE), a […]