What is Hardware-as-a-Service?


Regardless of your company’s size, upgrading your technology equipment (Servers, workstations, switches, firewalls, SAN) every three to five years can involve significant costs. Beyond the upfront computing costs, one must include expenditures for procurement, deployment, and asset management.

Hardware as a Service (HaaS) mitigates these steep costs by taking a typical device (server, desktop, switch, firewall), and providing it to a company at a low monthly subscription fee.

How does HaaS work?

The HaaS model is similar to leasing in which the hardware belongs to Dynamic Quest and is placed at the customer’s site. The process begins with our team taking care of the procurement specifications, purchasing of the equipment, followed by product placement onsite. Dynamic Quest additionally offers managed services to help promote stability and reliability within each tech environment, and the flexibility you need to scale your stack.

HaaS Benefits

Unlike a hardware leasing company, HaaS paired with managed IT services provides additional tech support that promotes reliability and stability. Working with a managed service provider ensures your tech stack is being properly monitored and that you can scale your hardware over time to your exact needs.

One contract with one vendor simplifies your procurement. As your business grows, HaaS allows your organization to scale efficiently and effectively.

Customers focus on their core business; your IT service provider focuses on lifecycle management. Forget worrying about having an updated technology stack, your HaaS provider will keep things up to date.

Lower capital expenditure and reduce constraints on liquidity. It is common to incur steep upfront capital expenditures when refreshing hardware. Many organizations simply do not have the additional capital to spend on non-revenue driving activities, thus it delays device updates at the cost of productivity.

Utilizing HaaS allows your business to shift IT budgets to more manageable cash flows over time. This results in a lower cost of ownership figure to present to decision makers as they plan future strategic investments.

Access to enhanced technologies.

A four-year technology refresh is highly recommended, depending on the device. The HaaS model allows the organization to avoid unnecessary costs related to efficiency, security and productivity due to the ease of procurement.

How to Take Advantage of HaaS

The HaaS model provides significant benefits for an organization; you can benefit from updated hardware and best in class IT support. This combination allows you to bundle services to strategically outsource costly IT requirements and to increase your organization’s profitability.

HaaS will continue to increase in popularity. As business models become more customized, decision-makers will look to the ongoing list of benefits that HaaS can provide for their organization. They are finding the subscription model offers lower costs and flexibility with the purchasing process. Organizations will not have to compromise on productivity because decision makers have decreased their IT investment budgets.

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