IT Solutions for Manufacturing

Manufacturers continue to adopt new technologies as their business models evolve. They may be dealing with production issues, supply chain challenges, regulatory compliance or logistic complications, all things that directly deal with their internal IT business systems.

Working with a managed service provider, businesses can identify specific IT solutions for manufacturing. They will be able to implement IT solutions specific to manufacturing that build a secure and reliable network that continues to grow for the long term.

If you are curious to learn more about manufacturing IT support, including the benefits of working with a managed service provider and what to look for in an IT partner, continue reading below.


What are IT Services for Manufacturing Companies?

Working with a manufacturing managed service provider, businesses can identify the IT solutions that will best support their strategic goals. Through proactive monitoring and security services, they can achieve proven stability and reliability.

Managed IT Services     

Managed IT services include proactive monitoring, patching, and security tools, as well as, proactive and reactive services. This means all the servers are fine-tuned, failing hard drives are identified, patches are implemented, and optimizations are performed. This service works to reduce costly downtime that can impact business productivity.


Trusted IT providers will be able to recommend, procure, and deliver the necessary IT equipment for your team. Working with a variety of vendors allows providers to offer the best price and the most up-to-date technology solutions.

Cloud Solutions

An IT provider can help you decide which cloud solution is best for you and assist with the migration. Whether your business is looking for support with on-premise servers, hybrid cloud environments or a fully virtual cloud environment, the right managed service provider can help you.

Multi-Location Support

If your business operates different locations, you need a network solution that ensures interoperability between the different offices. Working alongside your team, your IT provider will help consolidate your technology stack to ensure it remains secure and that all information is accessible through a centralized data system.

Network Security

Manufacturers depend on stability. A managed service provider will be able to provide security services that help strengthen their network as needed. These security solutions may include:

Backup and Recovery

Work with a managed service provider that can provide a managed backup solution with cross-system compatibility. Businesses won’t have to worry about backups, errors, or logs. They will monitor and maintain your backup system, so you can focus on your business.

24x7x365 Service Desk

A managed service desk solution makes it possible to reduce infrastructure and overhead costs. How does this work? Manufacturers will gain access to IT infrastructure without the risk of establishing their own ticketing system. This solution makes it possible to have 24x7x365 support from a team of certified engineers who can assist with ticket resolution.

Software Development

Managed service providers that offer software development have a unique ability to service organizations that have unique product solutions customized for their business operations. Software developers can also assist with improving return on investment and enhancing overall productivity.

What Should You Look For in a Manufacturing IT Service Provider? Strategic IT Partner

Look for a managed IT service provider that will serve as a strategic IT partner instead of a basic IT vendor. A partner will meet with strategic leaders and build an IT plan that will support long-term business goals. They will define roles and responsibilities, so all active participants know how to best work together for future success.

Industry Knowledge

Technology will continue to evolve, and with these rapid advances in IT businesses will need a team that can keep pace with the change. Managed service providers benefit from having a team of engineers with a wide variety of specialties and knowledgebases.  They will be able to fill the gaps an internal team may have.

Focus on Stability and Reliability

Managed service providers can have a variety of business priorities. Look for a provider that promotes stability and reliability. This focus will help them improve your processes, stabilize your network, control costs, and boost business productivity.


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