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Why SMB’s Are Turning to Smaller Cloud Providers

We’re getting more and more confirmation that small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are turning to smaller or regional cloud providers for dedicated support. Yes, they’re scaling back from MSP giants like Azure, Google, AWS (Amazon Web Services), and IBM. Why? As cloud migration continues to grow, smaller companies recognize they require closer attention to their […]

Are You In The Know About The National Cybersecurity Framework?

Mandated by Presidents Obama and Trump alongside the National Institute of Standards Technology (NIST), The Cybersecurity Framework is required for all Federal organizations and is becoming the baseline security standard for commercial organizations at all levels. Background & Basics: What Is the Cybersecurity Framework? The NIST Cybersecurity Framework is a policy framework of computer security guidelines for private sector […]

Find the Real Culprit in your Network

Recently, a prominent electrical contracting company serving customers across the southeast was frustrated by sluggish network performance. The problem affected the construction of a world-class stadium, where speedy transfer of large CAD files was critical—not only to the project, but to the contractor’s reputation. Turning to their outside provider for help, they recommended expanding bandwidth across […]

Project Management Showdown Office 365 vs. G Suite

Comparing Project Management Solutions from Microsoft and Google Getting tasks done efficiently is a top priority for any modern business. A huge part of driving efficiency is implementing strategic procedures for project management. A good project management platform can make a huge difference for business owners and allow them to keep on top of ongoing tasks and […]

Remote Desktop Access: You may have just opened your network to hackers

What’s The Remote Access Protocol And Why Should I Worry About It? The Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) is a means that Microsoft provides for Windows (and Mac) users to access another computer remotely. Remote computer access is often used by IT people to diagnose and repair a problem with a computer. If you’ve ever worked […]

HR Departments Become the Latest Victims of Widespread Ransomware Attacks

In a play on the James Bond cybercriminal group, GoldenEye is rapidly becoming the latest ransomware campaign to attack unsuspecting corporate victims. Throughout 2015 and 2016 media outlets regularly covered cyber attacks on healthcare institutions. However, as 2017 begins, IT cyber security experts are now turning the spotlight on the latest type of ransomware attack. […]

Microsoft Outlook 2016 Special Insider Secrets

Save Time and Increase Productivity. Learn What Insiders Know About Using Microsoft Outlook. Do you know how to use Microsoft Outlook to its fullest potential?  Not understanding how to use Outlook is like not understanding how to do your job. It’s a valuable tool that’s used by hundreds of millions of people around the world. […]

It’s Halloween – Is your business prepared for a zombie apocalypse?

             It’s Halloween – Is your business prepared for a zombie apocalypse? With The Walking Dead in its seventh season, the public seems to be fascinated by the nightmare of a zombie apocalypse. It’s fun when it’s fiction—but in the real world, there are catastrophic events that occur, and they’re […]

Symantec Users: Here’s The Inside Scoop On Bad Rabbit Malware And How To Stay Protected

A new and malicious strain of ransomware called Bad Rabbit, began spreading this past Tuesday October 24th, with most of the reported infections seen in Russia. However, because the Bad Rabbit virus is self-propagating, and can spread across corporate networks, international organizations should remain particularly vigilant. A small number of infection attempts have been logged in […]

Why All the Noise About Microsoft Office 365?

There are now over 60 million Office 365 commercial customers. 50,000 small businesses are implementing Office 365 each month. Because It Helps Business Run Better Why have so many companies chosen Office 365? In a nutshell, it makes doing business easier and faster. You can work smarter. Your employees can be more productive. It’s much […]