It’s Halloween – Is your business prepared for a zombie apocalypse?

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 It’s Halloween – Is your business prepared for a zombie apocalypse?

With The Walking Dead in its seventh season, the public seems to be fascinated by the nightmare of a zombie apocalypse. It’s fun when it’s fiction—but in the real world, there are catastrophic events that occur, and they’re no fun at all. Networks go down, servers crash, data is lost, cities flood and buildings crumble.

If your plans for keeping your business operations up and running are sketchy or non-existent, you need a thoroughly conceived contingency plan to avoid this kind of really-truly-scary apocalypse.

Your action plan should be sustainable, resilient and long-term. Contingency plans in order for their networks and servers to survive. The best approach is two-pronged, and includes a disaster recovery plan and a business continuity plan, which you can explore more in this article.

How can you prepare for a zombie attack?
Using remote technology and cloud computing, you can run your business in your own home (or your securely-built zombie shelter).

How will you communicate?
Files, emails and data can be easily accessed using desktop computers, laptops, smartphones and tablets. You can stay in touch from your bunker through instant messaging, phone, email and video chat.

How do you create a solid disaster recovery plan?

  1. Ensure complete data backups. Partner with a vendor that has with a secure data center that is redundantly located to ensure maximum reliability. If disaster strikes, you’ll be able to spin up copies of your servers and get back to work—fast.
  2. Assess your business risk. Creating a disaster recovery plan begins with a comprehensive risk assessment to find the unique problem areas for your business. An experienced IT vendor will help you with this.

While the chances of a zombie apocalypse seem low, a simply installed backup solution-in-a-box won’t protect your organization when something serious occurs. And while we truly hope it never does, Dynamic Quest can help you prepare for it. Contact us to schedule your comprehensive risk assessment.

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