Why All the Noise About Microsoft Office 365?

office 365 - Dynamic QuestThere are now over 60 million Office 365 commercial customers. 50,000 small businesses are implementing Office 365 each month.

Because It Helps Business Run Better

Why have so many companies chosen Office 365? In a nutshell, it makes doing business easier and faster. You can work smarter. Your employees can be more productive.

  • It’s much more than the familiar, old Microsoft Office applications businesses use every day. Office 365 offers unprecedented levels of collaboration across teams, generous storage in the cloud, easy video conferencing, reporting and much, much more.
  • Work anywhere, on any device. No matter where your team members are, they can work together seamlessly, on whatever device fits their needs. So your younger millennials can work from their smart phone, your sales team can work from their tablets, and everyone wins.
  • New levels of security. Stay secure with real time protection against malware and viruses with regular security updates.
  • Updates just happen automatically. You don’t need to keep track of the continual process of updating.

Get Off to the Right Start

Office 365 really does make doing business easier. And using a Microsoft Partner expert like Dynamic Quest will help you leap ahead of the curve. Along with technical knowledge, they have the business expertise to make sure it is installed and configured specifically to suit your business needs.

Ready, Set, Go

Full features for better productivity. Cloud-based with ongoing updates and security. If your company is ready to step up to Office 365, start now by downloading the Dynamic Quest Office 365 Starter Kit. Or call us at 336-369-0455 to learn more.
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