How Vulnerable Is Your Montgomery Company’s Cybersecurity?

Have you thought much about your cybersecurity lately? You may not consider Montgomery County a hotbed of cybertheft, but you might be surprised. Huge companies such as Sony, Adobe and Equifax have had costly data breaches in recent years despite having the financial resources to thoroughly protect themselves.Cyber security

Smaller companies are also targets, in part because hackers know that these businesses don’t always protect themselves properly. Some of these vulnerable companies are located right here in Montgomery County. Fortunately, you can take immediate steps to improve your cybersecurity.

Cyber Weaknesses

Experts note that many software and system weaknesses have been identified and “patched.” Sadly, many businesses do not keep up with these developments and continue to use faulty programs. Small to medium-sized companies without an IT service are particularly vulnerable to this problem. Without applying the fixes, you are practically inviting hackers into your business.

Another problem is the lack of effective security practices. Even a poor password policy can leave your business open to attack. It just takes one person using their birthday or last name as a password to let hackers into your company’s data. Other dangers also lurk. Some of your employees might be doing company business at the local coffee shop on an unsecured network. These careless acts can easily cause a breach that can cost your company time, clients and a good reputation.

Security Fixes

Many of these security fixes can be done quickly and inexpensively. Your software and internet networks need to be set up for automatic updates. That way, your system will always download the patches necessary to protect your data. You also need to incorporate security protocols to protect your company from viruses, malware and other threats. Finally, you should incorporate regular employee training on cybersecurity measures. They need to know all about the latest threats from cyber-criminals.

Dynamic Quest

Dynamic Quest is your go-to cybersecurity company in the Montgomery area. They can provide your business with complete IT services that will improve your company’s efficiency and security. They can set up and maintain your IT network while helping you train employees on best practices. Every business needs advanced IT help.

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