3 Keys of Effective Cybersecurity Solutions for SMBs

To defend against the devastation of cyberattacks, small- to medium-sized businesses must deploy a strategy that includes three critial components.DQ-Blog-CyberSec-SMB-724x483

If your cybersecurity is one-dimensional, it’s not cybersecurity.

Threats to your data come from every direction, all the time. When companies devise brilliant new cyber-defenses, hackers come up with new cyber-weapons in about 3 minutes. They are endlessly innovative. Effective cyber-security must address every tool and technique in the hacker toolbox.

60% of SMBs fail within 6 months of a cyberattack.

Most businesses underestimate their risk, with 82% of owners claiming they are not a target for attacks. If they could just talk to the owners who said the same thing before they were attacked, that 82% number would drop.

Cybersecurity solutions for SMBs. (Short version.)

Broadly speaking, an effective plan includes these critical components:
Assess + Plan
Monitor + Respond

It’s about preparation, technology and vigilance.

Many companies fall short of a comprehensive plan, so if you’re one of them, you’re not alone. It’s difficult to look at vulnerabilities. But if you want the highest level of protection in today’s cybersecurity environment, read on.


A thorough review of your en/re infrastructure is the first step to identifying weaknesses and planning an effective response.

  • Security assessment: A comprehensive physical inspection and review of infrastructure, assets, strategy and controls.
  • Compliance review: Ensures your organization meets regulatory requirements such as HIPAA, PCI, CIIS and SOX.
  • Security Governance: A security strategy designed specifically to align measures with business goals.


What you can do to avoid trouble before it arrives.

  • Malware Prevention: Predictive analysis identifies and blocks your endpoints from potential sources of malicious code; implementation of malware protection.
  • Training: Regular interactive learning modules for all employees, including simulated phishing attacks to identify weaknesses.
  • Managed Firewall: A suite of technologies forming a multi-layered defense with a single point of control.
  • Cloud-based DNS Filtering: Customizable internet blocker that enables your company to deny access to online security threats.
  • Spam Filtering: Cloud-based gateway that integrates with Outlook and Gmail to block dangerous emails.


Constant vigilance is necessary for reliable protection.
SIEM/SOC-as-a-Service: Active monitoring 24x7x365, including log events and endpoints; regular reporting tailored to your business.
Dark Web Monitoring: Continual searching, monitoring and reporting of domain and personal digital credentials on the dark web, to assess threats in advance of attack.

That’s not the whole story of IT security solutions for SMBs.

We could go on but hopefully, the outline above suggests just how much attention a reliable cybersecurity defense demands. It’s not fun to think about this, but thinking about this is more fun than enduring (or succumbing to) a cyberattack.

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