Top Things to Consider for Hosting in 2016

Top Things To Consider For Hosting 2016 - Dynamic Quest2015 has been the year of data migration. Cloud computing technology has advanced significantly and is now cheaper, more accessible, and easier to manage than ever before. Many businesses have already moved to the cloud, and those who haven’t should be looking to. If your organization has yet to make the move, it’s high time you should be asking why. That said, here are a few things to consider before taking that leap into the cloud.


Cloud is more dynamic than traditional hosting. You should make sure your workforce is adaptable enough to keep up with the changes in cloud computing. Sometimes business cultures don’t lend themselves to a data migration—say, an eatery owned by an elderly man uncomfortable with computers, or an accounting firm that has serious qualms about security. It’s best to ensure your company culture is friendly to cloud computing, or risk a bumpy ride during the transition.

Security and Compliance

Cloud hosting requires a different set of security measures, most of which revolve around proper user account management. Since cloud users have the ability to access hosted data using any device with internet connection, it’s absolutely vital those with access privileges know how to keep their accounts secure.

Too, make sure your cloud hosting service provider hods the required compliance certificate(s). While most providers won’t be SSAE16 certified like Dynamic Quest—using stringent security specs like biometric screening—they should guarantee a level of safety considered reasonable by your business. Too, ask your provider if they’re familiar with compliance relevant to your field (eg. HIPPA, SOX, etc.). This will make for an smoother, safer hosting environment.

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

The cost model for offsite cloud server hosting is quite different from traditional onsite physical server hosting. You’re completely spared the cost of hardware and all the associated maintenance in exchange for monthly operating costs. While this doesn’t look appealing in the short term, bear in mind the total cost of ownership. You won’t be replacing, updating, cooling, or powering any machines, which translates to serious savings in the long run—and that’s not to mention the team of experts constantly watching your servers.

Network Architecture

You will be using the internet each time you upload or retrieve something from a cloud server, so it is essential that you have good internet speeds. When choosing a provider, pick one with servers that are located near enough your users so that they can enjoy a brief ping. If you are located in the United States, you’re best served choosing a hosting provider in the United States. Go over a body of water and you’re likely to experience some serious lag.

Programs and Applications

Before the great migration, you’ll need to evaluate your current inventory of programs and applications to determine which of them are ready for the cloud. If you’re not prepared to do this, know that we offer business consulting services that will find those programs incompatible with cloud, and help you determine whether they’re still necessary. If so, we’ll assist in finding cloud-ready alternatives, and get you on the path to migration ASAP.

If you’re considering hosting changes in 2016, but aren’t sure where to start, getting the assistance of a professional might be your best bet. Whether you are still in the planning stages, about to initiate migration, or are already in the process of moving, Dynamic Quest can guide you. Our flexibility allows us to accommodate a variety of hosting levels –all of which are available to you at a reasonable price. Get in touch today, and get on the path to cloud computing.

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