Does Your MSP Act As An IT Business Partner?

If you haven’t found an IT support team that acts as a managed services provider (MSP) and adjunct part of your staff, then you need to ditch the IT company you use now and go with better. Only an IT services team that’s also an MSP providing you ongoing network maintenance that covers everything from A to Z will give you your money’s worth. Did you know that having an MSP as your IT services support team will actually save you incalculable costs in the long run? This is because by staying in compliance, and having the right amount of cybersecurity watchdogging your data network, you will save yourself the penalties and financial losses that go along with data theft and cyber breach.

Managed Services Provider

The MSP Checklist

A rundown of the top benefits of having an MSP as your IT manager includes:

  • As an ad hoc business partner, will increase your profitability and productivity exponentially.
  • Network design, planning, and implementation not found with sporadic IT services.
  • Ongoing data analysis and monitoring to streamline IT network operations.
  • Long-term planning to custom-fit your IT infrastructure to best serve your business needs.
  • Implementing industry-specific data center and networking solutions.
  • Real-time monitoring, testing, and planning for disaster recovery and business continuity.
  • Services provided on a monthly subscription basis, with key areas of service protocol identified.

Passing the MSP Test

If your current information technology MSP fails to have at least half of these items as descriptions of their service protocol, then keep shopping around. You’ll know the right IT company when you see and hear the rave reviews about the “managed IT services provider that was there for us 24/7 with a support program we could depend on”. You’ll know you’ve found your company when the glowing testimonials page features praise about “an IT services staff that did constant monitoring, analysis, and covered all bases – from cloud computing to hardware to network design, virtualization, and cybersecurity measures that haven’t had our network incur so much as a hacked password.”

Let the IT Experts Handle It

If you’re interested in having seasoned IT experts to be your trusted managed services provider, call us today for a free consultation on what we can do to secure your data network.

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