Data Recovery: Bring on the Boring

Why do so many businesses have inadequate data backups? It’s actually pretty easy to understand. Backing up is boring. In fact, the whole point of backing up is to maintain a nice, boring shield around your data so nothing exciting ever happens to it, such as annihilation.

Many companies get a rickety backup system in place—(tape? don’t be ridiculous)—and then ignore it. Why? Because it’s so easy to ignore! You’ve done something, so now you can think about other stuff.

Years go by. Then, catastrophe happens. It’s exciting, sure—but not the good kind of exciting. If you think of your company as a ship, data loss is a big, evil iceberg.

Qsync Data Recovery - Dynamic QuestIf you’re wondering whether we can help you avoid all the excitement of data loss—why, yes, indeed we can. We’ve put together a combination of hardware and service called QSync that can out-bore the best of them.

With QSync, nothing bad happens. Here’s how it works. We install a disk-based QSync server at your location. It makes hourly backups that are available instantly should one of your other servers fail. Meanwhile, every night while you are sleeping soundly, QSync is hard at work sending a complete daily backup off-site to our own impregnable data center.

When something goes wrong and you need to get up and running again quickly, our team makes it happen. Between the on-site hourly backups and the nightly remote backups, your business barely needs to slow down.


May the gods of data protect you from server failure. But we have noticed that the gods of data are extremely unreliable, since servers fail all the time. Fortunately, Dynamic Quest has a QSync solution to help make that a non-event.

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