7 Ways Cyber Security Can Be Improved With Managed IT Services

How Managed IT Services can Improve Cyber Security

Improve Cybersecurity

According to BusinessWire, 4.5 billion records were compromised during the first part of 2018. Every type of organization from healthcare to banking is susceptible to a security breach. Even small businesses are no longer immune from the threat of hackers or malware. Cybersecurity is a priority for nearly every organization and finding ways to reduce the risk can be both time consuming and costly. There are several ways a managed IT service can improve a company’s cybersecurity and lessen the chance of a significant breach.

Conduct Regular Assessments

An outsourced IT team can conduct an initial assessment to see where there are any weaknesses in the system. Until a professional evaluation is done, a company won’t know where their shortcomings may be. After the initial assessment, regular checks can be made to keep all computers and devices working as effectively as possible. Ongoing vulnerability scans will keep a company aware of their weak points and one step ahead of security threats.

Monitor and Secure Networks

Most businesses have a firewall to protect their networks. This is just a first step and isn’t enough to keep a company safe. To keep the networks as secure as possible ongoing monitoring is necessary. Keeping a network secure involves monitoring several specific aspects of a system.

  • Malware Protection – An IT team can provide the most up-to-date software and security tools to reduce or eliminate malware.
  • Endpoint Protection – This means that every access point on a network, including phones, tablets, and laptops, is kept secure.
  • Real-Time Alerts – A managed IT service can give a business around the clock alerts regarding the health of their hardware and software.

Maintain Compliance

Keeping all data secure and meeting compliance standards is crucial when running a business. Staying compliant means following all government regulations as well as state and federal laws that specifically affect the company. An outside source will often have expertise regarding the many compliance issues that pertain to technology. Not staying compliant can often mean paying hefty fines. Many businesses have even faced bankruptcy when failing to abide by federal and state laws.

Provide Skilled Staff

Too many businesses rely on an IT person who is the “computer whiz” in the company. No matter how skilled this individual or group of individuals may be, they almost certainly won’t have the experience that an IT services company can bring to the table. A managed services team can provide technical expertise and high-quality support for any type of company that relies on computers and the internet to do business.

Provide Backup and Recovery Services

No matter how secure a system is, disasters do occur. Everything from power outages to computer crashes can mean lost data and potentially long periods of downtime. If a company happened to lose data due to a computer crash or a security breach, an outsourced IT team would have the expertise to recover all the lost data as quickly and efficiently as possible. Managed services can provide an offsite storage solution for all of a company’s data. Offsite cloud storage not only can improve security but is cost-effective and offers easy accessibility.

Constant Email Monitoring

The average employee receives hundreds of emails each week. A business that isn’t providing extensive scanning for all emails is putting itself at risk. A managed IT service can provide the sophisticated tools to adequately monitor emails. An experienced team of professionals can offer a company spam filtering, email encryption, and archiving.

Available 24/7/365

A computer system is vulnerable around the clock to hackers, viruses, and malware. To prevent a security breach a business needs a professional IT team that can monitor and protect their system without any downtime. Having 24-hour IT service also means the company can immediately contact a professional when anything suspicious occurs. Waiting for the IT person to come into work might mean the difference between solving a potential problem quickly and suffering a significant security breach.

A managed IT service can offer a company everything from malware protection and email monitoring to backup and recovery services. As breaches and data loss continue to be critical concerns for business leaders, professional IT providers can offer a company comprehensive service to improve cybersecurity.

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