Windows Server 2003 is Joining Dinosaurs and the Dodo Bird

Windows Server 2003 support is ending July 15.
Panic is not the best response.

If you’re running Windows Server 2003 anywhere in your network, you’ve known that this day would arrive. The day the regular stream of patches dries up. The day that servers still running Windows Server 2003 begin their steep decline. The day anyone still using the OS opens themselves up to all kinds of security and business risks.

But hang on—is the situation really that bad? Only if you don’t do anything about it. And the good news is, “doing something about it” doesn’t have to be a costly, tiresome process.

This may sound strange but we should be grateful to Microsoft for giving us a lot of advance warning about this. (Not all companies do that.) Dynamic Quest knows we have the time to not only migrate away from Windows Server 2003, but actually end up in a much better place.

Remember, we’ve seen a dozen years of technical advances since Windows Server 2003 was released. Migrating means 64-bit performance as well as opportunities for virtualization and cloud computing.

Whichever migration path you choose, you’ll be better off after the transition. Whether you do it yourself or get third party help—we know a great company that could assist you—you’ll be glad to avoid custom patches or elaborate firewalls that might be necessary if you just kept Windows Server 2003 around.

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