Why Savvy Business Owners Are Turning To Managed IT

Managed IT services make it easy for a small business to save time and money while improving security and efficiency.

What makes outsourced IT so appealing to small business? More and more savvy business owners are looking outside for IT and network support instead of opting to hire a dedicated employee. Outsourcing has plenty of benefits for the small business, from unsurpassed scalability to lower costs and reduced stress levels too.

Managed IT Services

4 Ways Managed IT Services Benefit Small Business

In-house Resources can be Properly Deployed

If you or members of your team have been trying to cover your network and IT tasks while performing your own job, you’re missing out. By handing over the reins to a skilled professional, your network tasks can be capably handled and you’ll be able to focus on what you do best – running your business. IT problems don’t always crop up during regular business hours, so you’ll be able to strike a better work/life balance once you have someone who can keep an eye on your network around the clock as well.

Reduced Costs

When you hire a full-time employee, you have to cover more than just a competitive salary; you’ll have to pay for benefits and even continuing education, certification and training. There also may be a mismatch between the amount of work you have for this new staffer and the hours they put in; you’ll still need to pay them, even if they have nothing to do.

When you opt for outsourcing your network tasks and IT, you get more than just a sole employee, you get a team of trained professionals who are ready to help you as needed. You’ll receive the benefits of a skilled and capable professional, without the training, certification or healthcare costs associated with a regular employee.

Boosted Security and Efficiency

Even if you have a full-time employee keeping an eye on your network, they have to go home sometime. That downtime leaves your network exposed and vulnerable. Managed IT services ensures that an entire team is hard at work keeping an eye on your systems 24/7 and that you’re never caught unprepared.

Outsourcing your IT also ensures that your security measures and programs are always up to date; if you’ve been going it alone, you might not have the time to keep your system performing optimally. A team of IT professionals also has insight into the latest malware, ransomware and scams out there and can take proactive steps to protect your network and your data from harm.

A Leveled Playing Field

Can you keep up with the big players in your field? They can afford to work with the latest technology and hire the best talent. If you outsource your IT, you can access that tech and those skills as well. Outsourcing allows your business to compete on a level playing field and ensures you stay competitive, even if you don’t have the resources of a big business.

From saving you time and money to freeing up your resources and even making you more competitive with larger firms, managed IT services can help you grow your business and ensure your data and network is secure.

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