3 Major Ways Servers Beat Desktops

Deciding to move user operations off of local desktop workstations and onto a server is often the first major step within a company’s IT advancement. Servers offer three major advantages over desktops for IT professionals:

  1. Ease of Management – Instead of making changes on one user machine at a time, servers allow managers to make a single change on one machine and have it implemented company-wide. In addition, finding and securing files is drastically easier when they are all located on a server, rather than scattered across numerous company devices.
  2. Reliability – In the IT world, reliability is not an option, it’s a requirement! Servers offer increased redundancy in the form of backup power supplies and extra hard drives, and more reliability from more processors for faster file access.
  3. Security – With cyberattacks becoming more commonplace, corporate security is increasingly important. By using a server, IT admins can route user web traffic through more secure channels to block viruses and unsafe web locations.

Upgrading your business from local desktops to servers can give your small business a huge lift in these three areas, and it’s the first step on the path towards taking your company’s technology to the next level.

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