Fitting Managed Services to Your Business: QuestCare MSP, Remote, and PPM

Find the support you need to fill the gaps in your IT department.

Having a competent and reliable IT staff has never been more important. In the past, the efficiency and effectiveness of your technology infrastructure (and how you leverage your IT department’s collective skills) were areas in which market leaders or the more savvy market entrants would invest to maintain or gain competitive advantage. But here’s the reality: providing oversight and proper attention to your tech stack, infrastructure, and resources is now the ante for being a player in the marketplace at all.

The challenge is almost always a matter of balance between quantity of resources needed, quality of those resources, and the cost of that mix. Too many companies still lag behind their competition because finding a mix that works and is affordable feels overwhelming and unattainable. The result is continued gaping holes in staffing, technical knowledge or expertise of your resources, or budgets. Small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) that typically employ only a handful of technology workers are particularly vulnerable to these kinds of problems, but also stand to gain the most from technology and the scaling for which it allows.

The challenge is finding the right solution to meet your company’s current technology needs. Too many IT services and managed services providers (MSPs) offer a single one-size-fits-all approach that rarely fits both need and price-tag. Designed by veteran IT experts to provide the appropriate level and type of support to meet your organization’s current needs and wallet, Dynamic Quest’s managed IT solutions have been engineered to address the limitations of the old single-size model.

Your MSP solution - Dynamic QuestThree levels of QuestCare to suit any need.

QuestCare has been engineered to be a multi-service package that is cost-effective, flexible and extensible. Our long-standing and most popular managed IT service plan has evolved into three different service offerings to best suit the needs of our diverse clients. Each of the three QuestCare plans still have a common base promise of taking your key IT concerns off your hands and putting them into the hands of Dynamic Quest’s seasoned tech professionals who can not only solve your technology problems effectively and efficiently, but also support foundational changes and improvements to ensure the problems stay solved.

Every business has varying levels of need and budget when it comes to their technology and infrastructure. Dynamic Quest has broken the old-school MSP model to ensure the QuestCare service set has something to match your business objectives, needs and spend.

QuestCare PPM

The most economical of our three QuestCare service offerings, QuestCare PPM (Proactive Preventative Maintenance) employs preventative network management techniques intended to safeguard against costly breakdowns and emergency repairs and keep your network servers and workstations in optimum condition, performing reliably for your workers.

Who it’s for: Start-ups, small businesses with fewer workstations and limited budget, small businesses that have simple or elementary technical needs requiring more “maintain” than “fix”-type services. Ideal for companies that have a high tolerance for network risk (risk of the network going offline for a period of time) in that the services do not include immediate break/fix whether onsite or remote, though break/fix is available on an hourly basis if needed.

What it includes: Consistent patch management and upgrades to your servers and workstations. Consistent performance monitoring and reporting, autofixes of certain issues, workstation performance maintenance, and network health alerts on issues like disk speeds, usage, and capacity so that you can take action to prevent an ongoing drain on your productivity.

QuestCare Remote

QuestCare Remote is premium-level managed service offering with a convenience of 100{61194e7afa0946242429d3457858805d5d8e9f1e3c2fa6ff4cb841084e122ca3} remote support. Questcare Remote provides the ongoing maintenance and support of QuestCare PPM, but with troubleshooting and break/fix support as well as ongoing strategic guidance.

Who for: Ideal for small to mid-sized businesses that have stable infrastructures but still require troubleshooting. More than size, QuestCare Remote service is perfect for organizations that have a moderate tolerance for network risk (risk of the network going offline for a period of time). These organizations can shift activity until networks come back online and are comfortable with remote-only, offsite support.

What it includes: All of the services included in the PPM plan with break/fix support and unlimited access to our 24x7x365 Help Desk. Because our staff can perform a wide range of tasks remotely to fix issues that don’t necessarily require a technician to come to your facility, QuestCare Remote clients get the convenience of around-the-clock remote support and all that it includes — from troubleshooting applications and managing system settings to providing antivirus support and more. 

QuestCare MSP

QuestCare MSP most resembles the original and popular QuestCare IT service plan. It includes full strategic support, reactive break/fix support, as well as ongoing monitoring, reporting, analysis and preventative maintenance.

Who for: QuestCare MSP is designed for nearly all sizes businesses — from SMBs to large companies to corporations.  The distinguishing characteristic is that the ideal companies require a more comprehensive level of service. The organization that best fits the QuestCare MSP service would have low tolerance for network risk, have operations that hinge on network access, or have processes that require network access for employees to productively contribute to business operations. These organizations require the more immediate response capability that QuestCare MSP provides — with qualified senior engineers at Dynamic Quest who not only provide around-the-clock remote support, but will also provide live, on-site support if an issue can’t be resolved remotely. QuestCare MSP is ideal for organizations where revenue loss and critical operations hinge on key servers and workstations staying online and functioning at 100{61194e7afa0946242429d3457858805d5d8e9f1e3c2fa6ff4cb841084e122ca3}.

What it includes: As with the QuestCare Remote service, companies with the QuestCare MSP service plan receive proactive preventative maintenance, ongoing monitoring, 24x7x365 support from the Dynamic Quest help desk, and the full support of our senior engineer corps staffed with expert technicians who will ensure your issues are resolved if not remotely, then on-site at your facility. This level of troubleshooting effectively takes the help desk and tech support function off your plate and supplements your existing team and efforts (or, if need-be, can stand-in for them). In addition a strategic account manager will ensure your immediate needs are met as well as provide ongoing insights that will be yours to grow and continually improve your network.

Match a MSP offering that is structured to meet your needs.

Choosing the right MSP offering to bolster your internal technology needs is an important decision. And choosing the appropriate level or service offering from an MSP once you narrow down to the right provider is essential. It will allow you to take the greatest advantage of the offering and the value it brings while keeping a lid on the cost. Consider your network risk tolerance and your current, mid-, and long-term business objectives to determine what level of support makes most sense for you.  Investing in managed services should be done in context of your business objectives and their time horizon to be sure the timing and your own infrastructure will allow you to leverage the efficiencies you gain. External MSP support with QuestCare provides the opportunity to scale, expand, evolve, and ultimately grow your current business.

There’s a lot to consider, but you aren’t alone in the decision — we can help! Let us share some of the pros and cons and help you think through options and limitations to be sure you arrive at the best decision, whether that be QuestCare or any other managed service offering. Just click the button below to contact us and we’ll reach back out to help you think through the right managed service for you. And download our latest whitepaper outlining the key criteria for selecting an MSP partner for more helpful tips and considerations when evaluating managed IT services.

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