Managed It Services For Senior Living Centers

Managed IT Services for

Senior Living Centers

Take Advantage of Dynamic Quest’s Customized IT Management Support

Senior Living organizations have unique IT needs. Working in a highly regulated industry calls for special attention to HIPAA compliance, cybersecurity, physical security, network reliability and affordability. Dynamic Quest offers a senior living IT solution that can be crafted to each organization’s specific needs, granting the staff the freedom to focus on their residents and not on their IT infrastructure.

HIPAA compliance is critical. Senior living centers hold sensitive information, so it’s important to ensure the way you store your data is compliant. Even inadvertent failures can bring scrutiny and costly legal vulnerability.

As your managed service provider, we can assist your assisted living organization with the most demanding compliance and regulatory needs related to patient privacy and digital information. We will review compliance needs and assist with remediation.

Solution Vendor Partnerships. We recognize that the Senior Care industry has some unique technology needs that are often overlooked or not considered as part of the IT strategic picture. Dynamic Quest has researched and partnered with best-of-breed technology solutions to help your business provide the best solutions to your customers.

These relationships are key to the superior service we provide. Our contacts, exposure, training, and relationships enable us to give you the best solution for your needs.

Our expertise ensures cost-effective service. Because of the number of clients we serve in the senior living industry, we do not have to get up to speed with unique industry needs. We already know them. You can comfortably fit our managed IT services into a reasonable budget.

Description of MSP services

Take advantage of our customized support.

We serve a large and growing customer base.

  • Campus-Wide Door Locks and Access Controls
  • Securely Encrypted Desktops or Thin Clients
  • Audio and Visual Equipment
  • Wi-Fi: Internal, External and Guest Networks

Security is a high priority.

As cyberattacks increase, our experts are hyper-alert and proactive. They stay ahead of the rising threat, as well as the growing regulation surrounding it.

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