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Managed IT services for

Private Equity

Unparalleled Peace of Mind for both your Firm and Portfolio Companies.

In the evaluation of a company for potential investment or acquisition, there is an in-depth technology assessment that occurs. The overall health of an IT environment can have a major impact on the long-term success of the company you are looking to invest in. Companies with a weak IT infrastructure may require a steep investment to course correct, which runs counter to the objective of the private equity partner.

Work With a Dedicated Managed Service Provider

Private equity firms find it less expensive to work with a dedicated managed service provider because they are able to outsource tactical tasks to their managed IT provider, thus enabling their internal IT staff to focus on long-termbusiness goals.

Similar to how you outsource for administration and operations, private equity firms can designate all portfolio companies to use a dedicated managed service provider to ensure all investments are adequately managed and secure.

Description of MSP services

Reduce Overhead and Cut Costs

Working with a dedicated managed service provider, you can take advantage of group discount rates. Discounts can be applied for any platform company you add to your portfolio, thus giving private equity firms financial savings just from outsourcing it all to a single partner.

Standardize Due Diligence for Investment Companies

Working with a managed service provider makes it easy for private equity firms to consolidate their cost, reduce headcount, and enable an easier transaction on the tail end of their investment. A dedicated service provider that works with all your portfolio companies will provide worry-free network stability, so you can focus on greater business initiatives, like improving your portfolio’s worth.

Protect Your Firm and Portfolio Against Unexpected Risk and Expense

Private equity firms face threats from both investors and portfolio member companies. While there is no guarantee that the potential risk – whether it is fraud, phishing or cyber-attacks – will occur, it is your job to protect your firm and portfolio from far greater losses in terms of resources, penalties and reputation.
A managed service provider will help each business in the portfolio develop a long-term technology strategy that supports their goals.

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