Election Day: Beware of Ransomware Disguised as Political Ads

election dayThe long awaited election of 2020 is here and along with it comes an increase in cybercrime from ransomware attacks and phishing schemes. Businesses need to be on high-alert on keeping unsuspecting employees from falling victim to malicious attacks through election-themed media content.

In the days following the election, there is an increased risk for enterprises to fall victim to hacking attempts as employees are hungry to review election night results and to gather more frequent updates.

Fortunately, there are steps your business can take to help protect your organization and your employees.

Never Click Unverified Links

Avoid links in spam emails and any links from unverified websites. Downloads that start when you click on a malicious link is a quick and easy way for your network to be hacked and compromised.

Once the ransomware is on your device, it will encrypt your data, spread throughout your network, and hold you hostage until a ransom has been paid to recover your data.

Do Not Open or Download Untrusted Email Attachments

Do not open email attachments from senders you do not know or trust. Stop, look, and think who the email is from and examine the contents for any suspicious links, false email addresses or domains. If you are still unsure if the email is legitimate, contact your supervisor.

Avoid Sharing Personal Data

If you receive an email or call from an untrusted source that asks you to reveal personal information, always refrain from sharing. Hackers can use personal information in customized phishing attacks to lure you into opening an infected email attachment.

Backup Your Data

Should you experience a ransomware attack, a backup solution can ensure your data is safely backed up and accessible after a breach. Cloud storage solutions will allow you to revert to previous versions of your files even if they are encrypted.


Election day is the perfect storm for cyber criminals to target unsuspecting employees. Make sure your team is fully aware that this is a serious threat and remind them of your company’s security policy that is set to protect devices from such threats.

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