What would happen to your business if you had an unexpected server crash like Delta?

DQServerBackupBlogGraphic-01Small to mid-sized businesses are not immune to the likelihood of crippling events similar to the Delta debacle.

Imagine it’s the middle of a busy work day and your entire data system suddenly goes down. Boom. Work comes to a standstill. Customers are put on hold. Order fulfillment stops. End of month invoicing to keep the cash flow going? Forget it.

Without a proven server backup and recovery solution, you could have a networking nightmare on your hands. There will be loss of revenue that will not be recovered, not to mention customer dissatisfaction and reputation damage.

When an unanticipated event strikes, the network infrastructure that supports business-critical operations and applications must have a tried and tested data backup and recovery solution in place.

So how can you prevent a similar crisis from disrupting your daily business operations? Work with a strategic IT service provider such as Dynamic Quest to ensure business continuity.

  1. Recognize the importance of putting a comprehensive backup and recovery plan in place. Assess and identify potential weaknesses. Ideally, find an IT partner to help you properly assess your situation and needs.
  2. Rely upon an IT services partner with a secure data center that is redundantly located to ensure maximum reliability. If disaster strikes, you’ll be able to spin up copies of your servers and get back to work—fast.
  3. Demand a backup and recovery solution that saves your company’s data hourly. Dynamic Quest’s QSync backs up data to servers in our data center, AND performs a comprehensive cloud backup every night.

Smart Business Risk Management Includes a Tested Backup and Recovery System

Think of it as technology failure insurance for your business, and make sure you’re prepared. Technology ages, servers fail, and well, things just happen. Need to learn more? Our experienced team will be happy to discuss your particular situation and recommend a solution that will keep your business up and running when the big bad wolf of system failure comes knocking.

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