The Problem With Managing Your Own Data Center

data center - Dynamic QuestWhy did you start your business? Unless you own an IT company, it probably wasn’t to manage your own data center. A shoe store sells shoes, a pizza restaurant makes pizza, and you’d rather do what you got in business to do than worry about IT issues. But here you are – so let’s talk.

In the age we live in, if you’re not using technology, you’re next in line on the dinosaur list. Even tea shops use social media, maintain e-commerce websites, and hold digital records of account data, finances, order tracking, and customer information. With business comes technology. And the more you focus on your business’s IT, the less you can focus on your core competencies. It’s a headache, we know. You’d rather just be selling shoes.

Plus, you’re sucking money off your bottom line by purchasing technology components, building space to store your servers, hiring staff to maintain them, paying for electricity and cooling, and you may not even be using more than 10% of the stuff you bought, anyway.

And what if the pipe bursts in the ceiling? Are you prepared to lose your capital or data? Did you back it up?

The alternative to on-site data center hosting is managed 3rd party hosting, and for a lot of business and IT professionals it makes total sense. You can get back to growing your business rather than dealing with IT headaches.

Your network will work the same as when you had it on-site, but it’ll cost less, be nearly invisible, and require almost no work on your part. There’s no huge investment to make in servers and components you’ll never fully use anyway. And the manpower, technology, and building costs are spread among several parties, resulting in dramatic savings.

But is it secure? Worry not. Data centers are designed to be tornado-proof and have plenty of IT professionals on hand to make sure servers are humming 24/7. They even keep your environments extra safe by performing automatic backups, upgrades, patching, and security monitoring around the clock.

So get back to work, and leave the IT to the professionals. At Dynamic Quest, we don’t sell pizza just because we get hungry. We go and buy pizza because we’re lousy at making it (and we’d rather be doing IT, anyway).

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