Before You Implement E-Commerce, Read This Article

Whether you have been selling from a retail storefront or mail order catalog for years, or are opening a new business online-only, implementing e-commerce functionality for your website should be a consideration. More and more shopping is being done online, and not just for consumers – business are getting in on the action, too. But before you go jumping into the e-commerce pool with both feet, we have some issues you should consider to better protect yourself and your customer.

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Will you have product description templates, or will each one be written individually? Will you use manufacturer descriptions or write your own? What tone will your content take – friendly, professional, clinical, sales-y? Will you have content on your category pages or sub-category pages for SEO purposes? Are you permitted to use brand terms?


Manufacturers and distributors do not want to be undercut, but you have to remain competitive. Will you have flat shipping prices, or will they be dynamic based on zip code? Do you have a mechanism in place to handle sales and discounts? Can you accept orders in other currencies, and if so will your prices convert?

Inventory Management

Are your stock management system and website going to be integrated live, or will updates be required throughout the day? Will the same stock feed your retail locations and traditional methods as well as your online store, or will they have separate inventories?


Customers have come to expect unique order numbers, being able to track shipments online, status updates on orders, and expedited order options. You will need to address not only whether you will offer these options, but also how your e-commerce store will adapt dynamically to each of these considerations.


Which payment methods will you accept? There are a number of credit cards brands to choose from, as well as alternative pay options such as PayPal and Google Wallet. What systems do you have in place to protect customers from fraud? Consider ways to streamline the payment process.

Returns and Exchanges

Having your return policy clearly stated on your website is not enough. Customers want to be able to print their own return labels based on their unique order number, track the status of a return, and be updated on when they are receiving a replacement product or refund.

Customer Support

Websites operate 24/7, so support for those websites must operate in a timely manner as well. Phone operators can be expensive, but not everyone likes to email about their issues, or even has comfort level with email. Does your level of support match the convenience of your e-commerce store?

Online Security

Always consider layers of security, especially when dealing with online payments. Processing payments immediately means you don’t have to store credit card data on a server, and encryption adds extra security. Always ask, “Would I trust my information to this website, based on the unique knowledge I have of it?”

If this seems daunting, don’t worry – Dynamic Quest can help. Our team of developers and engineers has experience with a wide variety of e-commerce solutions, and will meet with you to discuss every available scenario. Doing the planning and research up-front will save you time and money down the road by preventing ordering mistakes and shipping nightmares before they happen.

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