4 Ways to Choose the Right Data Center

Not all data centers are the same, each one has strengths and weaknesses that you should consider when selecting a data center. Outsourcing colocation services can save your company money, but only if you choose a data center that matches your infrastructure needs.

Dynamic Quest's Data Center in Greensboro, NC

1. Security

When you are considering storing an expensive piece of hardware with your company information on it, security should be a top concern. Does the facility have passcode entry to keep unauthorized personnel away from the servers? In addition, look for video surveillance around and inside the building, and ask about when personnel are present.

Not all threats are human; natural disaster can have devastating effects on electronic equipment. Ask about how the facility is prepared in case of a flash flood, ice storm or even a tornado. In addition, ask what safeguards are in place to prevent and respond to a fire starting inside the server room.

Finally, consider protection from digital intruders. DDoS attacks have taken down companies as large as Google, so check what kind of security protocols the facility has to prevent breaches. Additionally, see if they offer security patches for servers in the facility.

2. Accessibility

Just as security has multiple parts, so does accessibility. The physical location of the data center matters; is it close to your IT staff? However, just as important is the electronic accessibility of your servers. Remote access is crucial, especially in the case of a crash. Does the data center offer “low-level” access to the server, which is still functional even if the Operating System is offline?

Finally, consider the accessibility of the support team: are they available on weekends or holidays? Do they have a level of expertise you feel comfortable with? Are they going to be able to solve problems you aren’t familiar with?

3. Cooling and Power

Similar to natural disaster security, the environment should have plenty of space to handle the servers it is hosting, but also be able to support those servers and protect them. Ask about the number of backup generators available, and how their emergency systems are setup to support a maximum capacity of servers.

Servers are delicate pieces of equipment, and having many of them close together in the same room produces lots of heat. How is the data center’s HVAC equipped to keep the servers cool at peak times?

4. Other Factors

There are other specific questions you will need to find out about, such as if the data center offers extra services, what the cost for colocation is, and what bandwidth they offer. If you don’t understand the information, ask the facility to explain it. You want to feel comfortable storing your company’s most private and valuable information with them, after all.

Dynamic Quest has a data center in Greensboro, NC. Built to withstand an F3 tornado and featuring energy efficient technology, Dynamic Quest’s data center offers colocation, private cloud services, managed hosting and much more.

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