SOC-As-A-Service Solutions

Monitor, Alert, Respond and Resolve Malicious Cyberthreats

Dynamic Quest’s managed security solutions are focused on four central controls- monitoring, alerting, responding, and resolving malicious cyberthreats. We can focus on these central controls through three core service functions that when properly leveraged provide the ultimate security solution.


Security Information and Event Management solution, designed to be the backbone of our SIEM/SOC-as-a-Service solution, collects and aggregates event data from all the systems within the network.


Our Security Operations Center hosts a team of security professionals that actively monitor log events and endpoints 24×7 x365.


Our Endpoint Detection and Response services are designed to actively monitor and respond to threats at your endpoints.

Our SIEM/SOC-as-a-Service solution provides vulnerability assessments, threat analysis, and includes incident response time. Our managed detection and response services are monitored and assessed by our team of security analysts who provide custom reporting fit for your unique business.

SOC as a Service

SOC-As-A-Service Security Features

Malicious Threat Detection

Through monitoring event logs we will identify malicious files, traffic, bad IP addresses and bad IP domains that are trying to access your network.

Log Analysis

Logs are monitored, collected, and retained from your existing IT network and applications.

Network Analysis

Dynamic Quest security analysts continuously monitor your network traffic to identify malicious activity logged from suspicious IP addresses.

24×7 Monitoring

Our team of security specialists monitor your IT environment and network 24/7/365.

Monitored Endpoints

Security analysts will provide operational metrics, threat visibility and detection and response.

Incident Response

Critical security events are escalated to our response team for further review and remediation.

Dynamic Quest’s Soc-As-A-Service Includes:

Professional Oversight from Security Experts

Our team of security analysts augment your current IT team, providing additional support so you can hunt down potential threats and act on actionable security incidents before damage can be done.

24/7/365 Security Monitoring and Compliance Control

Your on-premise and cloud IT infrastructure are monitored for advanced threats, and our team can help customize reports that detail compliance regulations.

Next Generation Endpoint Protection and Analysis

Included in our managed detection and response solution, endpoint intelligence is collected and reviewed. Our team of security analysts use this information to understand your security posture on a deeper and more strategic level.


World class security at your fingertips.

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