Professional Services

Best practices are a moving target.

No matter how conscientious your organization is about adhering to best practices, the speed at which innovations occur makes it difficult to keep abreast of exactly what best practices are. In this ever-shifting landscape, it’s hard to know whether you’re doing the most effective things at the most effective time. We built our professional services team by recruiting seasoned pros with CIO-level experience.

They lead a diverse crew with consulting expertise across every industry. With a group commanding such a broad range of knowledge, we are able to marshal the most talented resources to examine your situation and implement strategic solutions. We provide you with the most useful, actionable, productive insights to transform your business.

Business Consulting

Reviewing and carefully evaluating your needs is important. Whether you need help with business transformation or assistance building a technology plan, we’re here for you. Our consultants are trained to make strategic recommendations for improving performance, increasing effectiveness and strengthening the resiliency of your business. We introduce best practices and repeatable, manageable processes. We gather the most knowledgeable resources to provide strategic guidance to achieve concrete goals.

Strategic Assessment

At Dynamic Quest, we begin every project with a preliminary analysis to better understand where your organization is and where you would like it to be. Then we create a strategic plan, outlining your business goals and how to achieve them. As we implement the plan, we review every stage of the project life cycle to ensure that defined objectives have been met. This comprehensive approach is the key to delivering desired business results to every client.

Software Development

If your organization has been around for a while, you may have developed a number of custom scripts and applications that keep your business running. Developers come and go, and often it’s difficult to find documentation and code for custom applications that need updating. Our business analysts can document your current custom development environment, then implement a plan to support it as needed going forward. We also have the development prowess to support legacy and modern day programming languages.

Mobile Application Development

Forward-thinking organizations anticipate the growing need for mobile application support. Want to increase the efficiency of your sales team? We can build a mobile app that simplifies the sales process. Need support for clients outside of their office environment? Achieve better customer support and retention with a client-facing mobile app. Let us develop a mobile app with the right purpose in mind to streamline your business process for maximum efficiency and increase revenue streams.

Office 365 Migration

No need to divert and distract your own resources to get Office 365 installed and configured. Our certified experts will configure powerful new productivity tools so that your team gets everything Office 365 has to offer. Many companies that have already installed Office 365 aren’t using all its features because they aren’t aware of everything the suite can do!

Security Risk Assessment

Dynamic Quest will test and review your network devices including routing, switching and wireless and servers. We assess your security posture by performing scans to identify open ports and vulnerabilities on your internal and external networks. Recommendations are made to help secure your infrastructure based on best practices and industry regulations. We’ll evaluate your business operations and systems to identify and estimate the levels of security risk.

Data Analytics and Reporting

Everybody knows about big data. But few use it effectively. You have access to such a staggering volume of information it’s hard to know how to put it to use. Our experienced data analytics team can capture the data with the most strategic value to your organization. We examine it from every angle to derive the insights most effective in building your capabilities. Take advantage of your data to drive profit, growth and positive change, and that is the focus of our team’s efforts. We offer a variety of analytics and reporting services ranging from tactical analytics to data transformation and modeling.

Cloud Migration Services

You’re not alone. Many businesses face a high degree of uncertainty when it comes to moving to the cloud. What applications should and can be moved to the cloud? What hardware do I need to keep, if any? We’ll help you create a smooth migration plan that will guide you to make the right investments with predictable outcomes. Accelerate your cloud implementation with confidence.

Application Hosting

If you’re a growing software company or VAR, you likely have applications that need to be hosted and maintained. We partner with software vendors and resellers who need a cloud-based solution for their customers. Our data center provides you with a reliable, secure and stable cloud-hosted environment to house your application. We ensure your customers have secure access, high availability and 24/7 support.

IT Projects

Some clients have a specific IT project and call us in to provide expertise and service to accomplish their business goal. They may have a strong internal IT staff—but need to implement a project that requires expertise outside the internal team’s experience or capacities. Other clients want to have us on call to help with unexpected situations, or to perform occasional maintenance tasks. Some examples of these tasks include network or server upgrades and workstation refreshes.

Database Server Health Check

When was the last time you assessed your database server? If it’s been a while, it might be performing poorly or have security vulnerabilities that leave you open to a breach—either from outside or inside your organization. Our Database Health Check evaluates performance and identifies weaknesses, and a thorough report that flags problem areas and specifies actionable solutions.