5 Common Reasons For Backup Recovery Failure

Data Backup Recovery Failure - Dynamic Quest

Everybody knows that backing up your data is a good idea, and a lot of people do it.

So how come we still hear about businesses failing due to lost data?

The short answer is that backup systems vary greatly in reliability from one option to the next, and data backup recovery depends on heavily on the system used.

The long answer…

1. The backup copy was corrupt

You know those tape backups you’ve been using on a rotation for the last five years – ever test those? As a matter of fact, 34% of companies don’t ever test their tape backups. In the cases of those who do test, 77% find that their tapes have errors or are corrupted. Surprise!

2. Human error

You know the old saying, “To err is human.” Maybe your office staff forgot to start the backup before they left for the night. Or perhaps, as one story put it, “It wasn’t a sophisticated hacker…or a failure of fancy technology… The recent loss of data on 4.9 million TRICARE patients happened when a thief made off with back-up tapes left in a worker’s car.”

3. Nobody knows the encryption password

You’re not supposed to write your passwords down, but what happens when nobody remembers a crucial one? Maybe the intern who set it all up isn’t with the company, or maybe the IT guy quit last week. Whatever the reason, there are few pains quite like being locked out of your own files right when you need them the most.

4. Not all the data was backed up

Those backup files can take a long time to run and can lock up resources at the same time. Nobody has time for that, right? The thinking is: We’ll just backup the most essential files, the stuff we can’t live without. There’s no way that could possibly go wrong, and I’m 100% sure that file is not important.

5. Only one backup was made

Maybe it was theft, or fire, or a grizzly bear attack, but for some reason your tapes or external hard drives are now inoperable. Did you embrace redundancy and prepare for the inevitable? Or are you staring at a mangled mess of cables, wondering just how many thousands of dollars this is going to cost?

The only real solution to avoid losing your valuable company data is to have multiple solutions in place. For example, at Dynamic Quest we offer backup solutions that not only backs up locally throughout the day, but also backs up remotely to a secure sever in our Greensboro data center. A solution like this means no longer worrying about tapes getting stolen or destroyed, or losing all your data in the case of a fire.

Hopefully you are taking advantage of a solution of this caliber. If not, please get in contact with us – we’d be glad to show you how to protect yourself better.