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  • Different Business Continuity Plan Drills

    Business continuity drills are an organizations best tool to detect, analyze and improve their weakest link in the operating chain. The common phrase “practice makes perfect” remains true in the IT world. Business continuity drills allow an organization to review their current operating system and the detrimental impacts that could occur should an accident or […]

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  • What is a Business Continuity Plan (BCP)?

    Business continuity planning (BCP) involves the process of building a set of systems that prevent and recover your business operating procedures from potential threats. This comprehensive plan works to ensure all personnel and assets have a set of procedures to follow to quickly get your business operational in the wake of a disaster.   Business […]

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  • Meet Dynamic Quest at MFGCON19

      North Carolina’s premier manufacturing conference will feature the most up-to-date and relevant topics from North Carolina’s most influential manufacturing thought leaders. Meet Dynamic Quest to see how we can play an integral role in your business!   Event Details Date: November 5-6, 2019 Location: 425 North Cherry Street, Winston-Salem, NC 27101

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  • Windows Server 2008 and 2008 R2 End-of-Life

    Extended Support for Windows Server 2008 and 2008 R2 Ends On January 14, 2020, Extended Support for Windows Server 2008 and 2008 R2 will end. No Patches Leave Your Server Vulnerable to Cyber Security Issues End of support means all regular security updates, automatic fixes and online support provided by Microsoft will be suspended leaving […]

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  • Cybersecurity for Small Businesses
    (and Modest Budgets)

    One of the most effective cybersecurity measures is also one of the most cost-effective. Companies of all sizes are rightly concerned about cybersecurity. The big ones have the wherewithal to invest in evolving, expensive technologies like machine learning and Security Information and Event Management, or SIEM. Small business cybersecurity is a different challenge; it must […]

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  • 5 Common Reasons for Data Backup Recovery Failure

    Everybody knows that backing up your data is a good idea, and a lot of people do it. So how come we still hear about businesses failing due to lost data? The short answer is that backup systems vary greatly in reliability from one option to the next, and data backup recovery depends on heavily […]

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  • Benefits of a Virtual Server

    In our ongoing effort to make IT understandable and accessible to everyone, we’re going to give a brief but thorough rundown of virtual servers. What they are, how they work, and why virtualization is beneficial. Ready to get started? Let’s jump right in. What is a virtual server? Whereas traditional servers were physical machines that […]

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  • File-level vs. Image-level Backups – What is the Difference?

    When searching for a backup solution, you’ll find that there are two main types of backups: “file-level backup” and “image-level backup.” Yes, both types of backup will save your documents. But image-level backup goes one step further. File-Level Backup File-level backups are the most common type of backup. This method has been around for a long […]

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